Big List of FREE Printable Board Games

Free Printable Board Games - Gameschooling @

Free Printable Board Games - Gameschooling @

Free Printable Board Games - Gameschooling @

FREE Printable Board Games (for all ages!)

Sometimes we don’t have time to run to the store for a new game, or maybe we just can’t find any good game deals (I share game deals weekly on our Facebook Page!) Not to worry my friends! There is a plethora of FREE printable board games waiting for you on the internet, and my job is to bring them to you.

*Updated August 2020

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Pro Tip: If a link leads you to Board Game Geek, click “files” to download the game. You will have to register to download the games from BGG and Teachers Pay Teachers. These are not affiliate links and all games were totally free as of the time of this post.

This is an evolving list, please feel free to comment with your favorite printable games & share links to games you’ve created! I’ll add them to the post as time permits. Feel free to join in the conversation in our Gameschooling Group too

Free Printable Board Games for Math

Moneypalooza (budgeting, money)
Lots of printable math games (elementary, middle school math)
More printable math games (elementary, middle school math)
Math Salamander Printable Games (elementary, middle school math)
Making Math More Fun EBook with Printables (elementary, middle school math)
Even more printable math games (elementary, middle school math)
Printable Math Games for Middle & High School
Printable Algebra Game
Ada Lovelace, Consulting Mathematician (middle school, high school)

Free Printable Board Games for Language Arts

Spelling Battleship
Grammargories (English grammar)
Parts of Speech Tic Tac Toe (English grammar)
Vocabulary Question Cube
Vocab Bingo
Word Family Uno
Sight Word Game
Solve It! (Parts of speech)
Talktastic (speaking skills, listening skills)

Free Printable Board Games for History & Social Studies

Ancient Egypt Trivia Game
Ancient Greek Temple Building
Underground Railroad Quilt Pattern Game
United States Bingo
Last Full Measure (US Civil War)
Genghis Khan (Mongolia, Asian & World History)
Kolejka: Communist Poland (Communism, Capitalism, Poland, European History)
Viking Voyages (World & European History)
Digging Up Greece (Ancient Greece, Greek life)
Storming the Bastille (French Revolution)
Suffragetto (19th Amendment)
The Great Italian Wars (Italian history)


Free Printable Board Games for Science

The Five Senses
Everything Matters (chemistry)
Healthy Eating Game (nutrition)
Supermarket Sort (nutrition for preschool)
Printable middle school biology games
Chemistry Games from the American Chemical Society
Quick Six (chemistry)
Gene-O (genetics)
Cell Organelle Memory Game (biology)
Science Pictionary (biology, astronomy)
Cells Guess Who (biology)
Sixth Grade Printable Science Games
Phylo (Pokemon-style nature-themed game)


Free Printable Board Games for Social Skills

Rainbow Unicorn (preschool)
Feelings Uno
How Does David Feel?
Move Over, Rover (directions following)
Conversation Skills Football
Anger Management Jeopardy
Fishing for Feelings
Gingerbread Emotions
Deep Space Disaster (cooperative play for older kids & adults)
12 Realms (small and large group cooperative play)
Castaways (cooperative game with one winner)

Free Printable Roll & Write / Dice Rolling Games

Candy Craze
Color-In Kingdom
Phineas & Ferb Dice Roll Game
Dungeon Hack Dice Game
Rake & Roll
Backyard Buddies
Pixel Trees
Woodland Craft
Chop Shop 2042
Under Fallen Skies (nanogame)
Autumn Stroll (opens in Google Drive)
Giant Squirrels Buried My Car (opens in Google Drive)
My Corner of the Sky
Feathery Nomads (opens in Google Drive)
Pencils & Powers

Free Printable Board Games for Other Topics & Just For Fun

Printable Chess Board
Dr. Who Solitare Story Game
Make Your Own Board Game Templates
Dark Moon (A Battlestar Galactica card game)
Timeline (NOT the Asmodee game – This is a time travel meets Indiana Jones game)
Monster Truck Game (for the younger ones)
Good Little Hunters (strategy)
Agent Decker (a single player deck-building game)
The Duke (a more advanced form of chess)
Cards Against Humanity (definitely for mature teens and adults!)
Zombie in My Pocket (a one player game)
Pirates & Plunder (a tile-laying logic & strategy game)
Fish Race Game (foreign language or any topic, really!)
Good Little Garden (strategy)
Merchant of Venus (strategy)
Rat Hot (strategy)
Pocket Civ (world building, strategy)
Micropul (tile-laying, strategy)
Good Little Trains (strategy)
Labyrinth (dungeon crawler)
Rusty Industry / Rule Book (city building)
Unbound: Endless War (area control)
Seasons of Rice / Rules (card placement)
Cathedraw (card drafting)
Jabberwocky (1 player)