Beyond Candyland: 5 Preschool Games Your Kids Will Love

5 preschool games that arent Candyland - Gameschooling@

Beyond Candyland: 5 Preschool Games Your Kids Will Love

When you hear the phrase “preschool games” what comes to mind? Candyland? Chutes and Ladders? Hi Ho Cherry O? These beloved childhood favorites are classics for a reason; these games don’t require reading & can be played right out of the box with very little instruction. These are wonderful games to play with your preschoolers, but don’t stop there! Below are new favorites, preschool games that aren’t Candyland.

Preschool Games Your Kids Will Love

Engineering AntsEngineering Ants (Peaceable Kingdom)
This preschool game also happens to be a favorite among my younger teens. In this cooperative game, players work together to create rescue contraptions.
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Skills: STEM, cooperation, social skills
Reading: not required
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Happy Bunny Preschool Game

Happy Bunny (Blue Orange Games)
This charming game is an excellent way to introduce counting and comparison to toddlers & preschoolers. This game is meant to play cooperatively but it can easily be adapted to play competitively.
Skills: counting, comparison, matching, colors, cooperation
Reading: not required
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Spot it JrSpot it Jr! Animals (Asmodee)
Help improve your preschooler’s attention, concentration, and direction-following skills with games like Spot It Jr!, and what kid doesn’t love animals? There are multiple versions of Spot It Jr! too, something for every child!
Skills: Observation, attention
Reading: not required
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Madeline at the White House Game

Madeline at the White House Game (Briarpatch Games)
Based on the book of the same title, Madeline at the White House is a gentle, politics-free game that teaches children about the monuments in Washington, DC as well as the branches of government. It also happens to be a full-body movement game, perfect for rowdy preschoolers.
Skills: motor control, USA history, government
Reading: not required
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Feed the Woozle

Feed the Woozle (Peaceable Kingdom)
I’m a big fan of body movement/motor control games for preschoolers and let’s face it, sometimes it can be tough to give the kids enough outlet to move their bodies. Feed the Woozle gives kids an outlet to learn about cooperation and counting while moving their bodies.
Skills: counting, cooperation, motor control, coordination
Reading: not required
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5 Preschool games that aren't Candyland - Gameschooling @Do your preschoolers have any favorite games? Let us know in the comments below or by joining our Gameschooling group.

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5 Preschool games that aren't Candyland - Gameschooling @
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