Gameschooling Work Sample Resources

Printable Gameschooling Work Sample Resources

Are you one of the tens of thousands of families who have to provide work samples or have portfolio reviews, like my family, I’d like to share these Gameschooling work sample resources that I made to help you document learning. Even if you don’t need to provide work samples, documenting your gaming can still be quite helpful.


Printable Gameschooling Work Sample Resources

Some of you may be asking, “Why do I need to document our gameschooling?“. There are many reasons, here are just 3:

  • Creating games allow parents/teachers to assess how much knowledge the child has retained, and it works with any subject.

  • Playing a game related to a subject of interest adds a hands-on dimension as a supplement to other resources.

  • Soft skills! Games help with motor control, thinking skills, concentration & focus, and sooooo many more soft skills. You can document these skills, too!
Printable Gameschooling Work Sample Resources

You don’t need a Gameschooling play tracker, but having one makes a lot of sense. Why?

•Trackers are great for portfolio reviews & teacher meetings
•A tracker will help you discern and document educational play
•Keep track of the time you played, also great for portfolio reviews
•Use a tracker as a record of what games you played and mark if you enjoyed them (or not!)
•List games you want to play and mark the date you played them

Gameschooling Logs are designed to make ANY game educational and to document your educational gaming. Why would you want to document your gameschooling? This log is meant to be placed in a portfolio, used as documentation of learning for transcripts, used as a monthly work sample, and even just to track the games you’ve played.