Tut’s Tablet Puzzle Review

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Tut’s Tablet Puzzle Review

I’m a big fan of 1-player puzzle games, in fact I use games like Cat Crimes to exhaust my brain before going to bed. Tut’s Tablet is another puzzle I happened across at a convention, the same one where I picked up another favorite, Crazy Campers. Plenty of solo-player puzzle games are identical, that’s why I am so picky about them. Tut’s Tablet earned its way into our hearts because of how colorful it is, how accessible it is, but mostly because of the case that allows us to hold the puzzle in our hands.


Tut’s Tablet covers quite a few educational goals, listed below, but I wanted to point out two goals that are very relevant to my family, and I’m sure many others. First, Tut’s Tablet is a great game for kids with anxiety. Tut’s Tablet allows the player to stop when they begin to feel overwhelmed, which can progress into “just one more move”. Players can finish the puzzle in their own time, be it minutes or days. This is exactly why this is also a great game for players who live with ADHD.


Tut's Tablet Puzzle Game Review - Gameschooling at HomeschoolGameschool.com


How to Play Tut’s Tablet

Scroll down to see written directions


Video 1: Facebook Live video (sorry about the vertical video!) Showcasing some of the features of the game
Video 2: Photo tour of the game with narration and even more details about the game



By the way, I was totally wrong. You can buy this game on Amazon!!



Written directions

•Turn the puzzle tablet to the desired page and insert into the plastic holder.

•Locate the start & end squares. The start square features a middle color with four differently-colored sides. The end space has a gold token featuring the image of King Tut’s sarcophagus. Place the die on the start square, the color facing up on the die and tablet must match. Additionally, the sides of the die must match the sides of the start sqaure.

•The object of the game is to flip the die from start to finish. You may only flip the die up, down, or sideways and the color facing up on the die must always match the color on the square.

•Move your way through the puzzle until it is solved. Once solved remove the tablet, switch to another puzzle, and repeat.


Tut's Tablet Brainteaser PuzzleTut’s Tablet Brainteaser PuzzleTut's Tablet Brainteaser Puzzle


What is My Child Learning When They Play Tut’s Tablet?

•Complex patterns & matching
•Visual discrimination
•Thinking skills
•Cause and effect
•STEM principles
•Fine motor skill practice
•Hand-eye coordination
•Anxiety exposure

What Do We Like About Tut’s Tablet?

•Progressively challenging levels
•50 levels
•Great for fine motor control practice
•Sturdy play case with die storage



Tut's Tablet Review - Gameschooling & Secular Homeschooling at HomeschoolGameschool.comFast Facts About Tut’s Tablet
Publisher: Popular Playthings
Type of game: Single-player puzzle
Buy It Here
Cost: $
Ages: 8+
Players: 1
Reading Skills: None required
Math Skills: None required
Adaptability: NA
Skills learned: Complex patterns, visual discrimination, patience, thinking skills, cause & effect, STEM
Worldview: Safe secular choice




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Tut's Tablet Review - Gameschooling & Secular Homeschooling at HomeschoolGameschool.com