Time Capsule: Medieval England Unit Study Review

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this unit study at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and a positive review was not guaranteed.

Time Capsule: Medieval England Unit Study

I never looked forward to history class in school. I hated reading boring textbooks and as a result I didn’t understand how our past determines our future. It wasn’t until I was in 10th grade that I realized that history isn’t just important, it’s vital. Mr. Poydence was my 10th grade World Cultures teacher and he had the gift of taking textbook material and bringing it to life for thousands of students, all within the confines of a small classroom.

Bringing history to life is EXACTLY what the Time Capsule: Medieval England History Unit Study does. Through the creation of this unit study Michelle Caskey has done for our children what Mr. Poydence did for me. This is, hands down, the BEST unit study I have ever seen in my life.

What is a unit study? A unit study is a great way to get all of your learning in while studying one theme. In other words, while learning about one subject you will cover your science, history, language arts, culture studies, and sometimes even math!

Time Capsule: Medieval England Unit Study

So what do I love so much about Time Capsule: Medieval England History Unit Study?

1. Organization. This unit study is so easy to follow, there is no jumping between sections to tackle each subject. All of the lessons are seamlessly connected and for your convenience there is a supply list at the end of the unit study organized by week.

2. Plenty of material yet plenty of flexibility. The Unit Study is designed to be used over 12 weeks but my family tends to work on unit studies a little slower and we’re planning on finishing it in 24 weeks. Each week has several hands-on activities to pick from, do them all or just do one. There are 342 pages of things to do in this unit study!

3. Easy-to-find supplies. You don’t need a time machine to find the supplies you’ll need, they’re all readily available and you probably have most of them already.

4. Unique approach to art. I love that this Unit Study includes a lot of art, especially photography lessons, you don’t find that anywhere else.

5. Bonus materials. Logic puzzles, writing passages, maps…

6. Friendly to many different learning styles, teaching styles, and grade levels. I’m a big proponant of teaching to the child’s learning style and that’s often hard to balance with your teaching style. This unit study, however, is adjustable to any learning or teaching style. This unit study is designed for kids in grades 2-8 but all of my younger kids (a mix of boys and girls, ages 8-16) are really enjoying the activities. Each child has found something that the enjoy and I love that I don’t need four different curriculums to teach all 4 of them!

7. Your child becomes part of Medieval England! They get to try their hand at being a peasant, a tradesman, a Queen or King, even a knight!

Time Capsule: Medieval England Unit Study
I could go on and on about how much I love this unit study, but instead I want to show you one of my children’s favorite activities so far, the oil lamp. My ten year old son had a lot of fun making this lamp, he couldn’t believe how simple it was, yet how much more difficult than just flipping a switch. He’s asked repeatedly to light it and even if we could eat dinner using only an oil lamp for our light.
Time Capsule: Medieval England Unit Study

You won’t regret your purchase of Time Capsule Medieval England. Your purchase not only supports a homeschooling family, but your kids will have hours of fun learning about life in Medieval England!

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