The Verbal Math Lesson (a review)

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An early understanding of mathematical concepts is so, so important. It’s also really hard for me to teach. I know how to multiply, for example, but I’m really, really bad and explaining it to someone else.

Over the years we have experimented a lot with math programs. Each kid has their own strengths and weaknesses and learning style. My youngest son, who is not quite 8, is the most unique kid when it comes to learning styles! Most of my kids have an overlap of learning styles, but not Mister Giggles.


Mister Giggles is my sole auditory learner. To make matters more complicated, he is lucky enough to have the gift of ADHD. Severe ADHD. He is an auditory learner but sometimes he doesn’t know what to listen to. Have I mentioned that I am a visual learner and teacher, and auditory skills are probably my least developed?


A few weeks ago I was contacted about doing a review of The Verbal Math Lesson and after a brief visit to their website I had to say yes. For as long as he could talk Mister Giggles has walked around saying things like “3 hours is 6 half hours” and “Ten plus four is fifteen minus one!” so this really sounded like something he would love and thrive with.

And wow was I right! Mister Giggles now asks to do math, which is remarkable because until now the only thing he begged for was more time to play Minecraft.

The Verbal Math Lesson is exactly what it sounds like, verbal math lessons!

What we like best about The Verbal Math Lesson is:
-No writing
-No frustration with erasing incorrect answers
-No worksheets to correct
-Listening skills are strengthened
-Word problems are fun & relateable
-Lessons take just 10-15 minutes a day
-The student can jump or play with small toys while they do their lesson, perfect for the ADHD brain
-The program is VERY AFFORDABLE! For around $30 you get all the math you need through 5th grade.


The Verbal Math Lesson is broken up into 3 books:

Book 1 is intended for kids in grades K-1st, or roughly 4-7 years old. Book 1 is broken into 31 lessons, each taking about 10 minutes depending on your kid, and covers the very basics of elementary math. Lesson one covers the value of zero and by lesson 31 your child will be subtracting double digit numbers without borrowing.

Book 2 picks up where book 1 left off, lesson one continues with 2-digit numbers. Lesson 19 introduces multiplication, and by the last lesson your child is multiplying and dividing by 9.

Book 3 was designed for ages 8-11, but it’s also a great place to start if your child needs a bit of extra practice. Book 3 consists of 29 lessons that start with the properties of numbers and by the end of the book your child has learned multi-digit multiplication, multi-digit division with remainder, ratios, fractions, quick money calculations, and has been introduced to algebraic concepts.

Would you like to see samples of The Verbal Math Lesson for yourself? The author has provided samples that you can see by clicking here.

Cost: $
Ages: 5-10 (or anyone needing to brush up on elementary math)
Reading Level: N/A

Disclaimer: I was provided with free copies of The Verbal Math Lesson to facilitate my review. A positive review was not guaranteed. All opinions are solely mine, your experience may vary.

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