The Great Forensic Challenge : An Independent Game of Investigation

The Great Forensic Challenge


Recently we were gifted a whole lot of resources from a mom who graduated her youngest child from homeschooling. In the resources was this awesome resource, Barron’s The Great Forensic Challenge.

The great forensics challenge

The Great Forensic Challenge (TGFC) is an amazing activity for children ages 9 & up. The game features 20 crime scenarios so each game is different. Please note that if you have a sensitive child this may not be the game for them as crime and death is discussed.

Your child begins by selecting a crime scene to investigate. Your child has 20 crimes to select from, all of them involving theft of some kind. I advise beginning with the first crime as each becomes a little more difficult to solve. The very last crime is the most intense and involves a murder.

The game comes with a newspaper containing basic information about the crime. After reading the paper your child is lead through a series of activities to help them solve the crime. Your child will be comparing photographs, fingerprints, DNA strands, recreating crime scenes, and putting together information to finger one of 34 potential suspects.

Mister Man and Miss Dreamer were most impressed by the newspaper, I think it made them feel grown up and take the game more seriously. My favorite part of The Great Forensic Challenge is that it can be completed solo, which is especially great on *those days* (you know what I’m talking about!) when sibling togetherness isn’t ideal.

This is a great game and is easy to take on the go as it’s packaged bento box style (all of the components have their own little box!) This is a close-ended game, but at well under $15 you can feel confident that the return-on-investment is very high.

This game can be a little hard to find but as of today’s date it is available on Amazon.

Website: Purchase at Amazon
Cost: Under $15
Ages: 9 & up
Reading Level: Proficient
Parental Guidance: Not necessary




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One thought on “The Great Forensic Challenge : An Independent Game of Investigation

  • Lsm

    Hey, any ideas on How can I find the newspaper from this game online? Just the news paper, because there was a problem and got lost. Pls pls pls, I know I cant play the game without the news paper. Is there any website were this newspaper is published or anything like that? Pls help!