The Best Magazines for Kids

The Best Magazines for Kids - Secular Homeschooling & Gameschooling @

I love magazines, and for good reason too! Magazines are an awesome way to expose kids to literature, especially kids who are reluctant readers or who maybe need a little more time to process what they read. They also make great gifts, kids love getting mail. Providing high-quality magazines for your kids is a great way to expose them to new ideas and thoughts, but the key is quality. Not all magazines are created equal, so to help you get started here is my list of the Best Magazines For Kids!

The Best Magazines for Kids

Magazines for Kids – Preschool

National Geographic Little Kids

BabyBug (literature)

Ladybug (literature & art)

Click (science & art)

Ranger Rick (animals & science)

Highlights High Five (all topics)


Magazines for Kids – Elementary

National Geographic Kids (science, humanities)

Ladybug (literature)

Click (literature & art)

Spider (literature for newly independent readers)

Ask (science)

Zoobooks Dinosaurs (science)

Zoobooks (science)

Ranger Rick (animals, science)

SI Kids (sports, humanities)

Highlights (a little bit of everything)


Magazines for Kids – Middle School

National Geographic (science, humanities)

National Geographic Traveler (humanities)

Cricket (literature & art)

Dig (history, humanities)

Faces (Cultures, humanities)

Muse (science)

Cobblestone (American history)

Scholastic Choices (humanities)


Magazines for Kids – High SchoolThe Best Magazines for Kids - Secular Homeschooling & Gameschooling @

National Geographic (science, humanities)

National Geographic History (history, humanities)

National Geographic Traveler (humanities)

Wired (technology)

Discover (science)

Popular Science (science & technology)

Popular Mechanics (science & technology)


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The Best Magazines for Kids - Secular Homeschooling & Gameschooling @

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