Tenzi Dice Math Game Review

Tenzi, a math dice game

It doesn’t get a lot simpler than a good old dice game, and Tenzi is no different…but it’s also different!

Disclaimer: I received two sets of Tenzi dice and the Tenzi Card Game set at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. 

What is Tenzi?

Tenzi is the ultimate math game! Like most dice games, Tenzi can be played many ways. The most basic way is for each player to take 10 dice and roll. The first player to get matching numbers on all dice yells “Tenzi!” and wins. Pretty simple, right?


Tenzi can be played with any set of 10 dice but you can buy fun Tenzi dice packs for a little extra motivation. The photo below is of the Smiley Set and Sweet Set. You can get the dice in packs for two players or four, each player will need 10.

Tenzi, a math dice game

Tenzi, the dice game that teaches math!


Tenzi is a much-loved game, and it’s great for speed drills, counting, basic math, and number identification! The basic game has players each rolling 10 dice, and the first one to get all the dice to match yells “tenzi!” (ten, tenzi, get it??) and wins. It’s a game of speed!

While the game is wicked fun to play you may find yourself not as excited after a few rounds, or perhaps your kids don’t do well with games that require speed. If that’s the case, no worries, just make up your own rules!

Tenzi, a math dice game
Examples of creative Tenzi games

  • Roll two dice at a time, getting the numbers to equal 6.
  • Roll 5 even numbers and 5 odd numbers
  • Roll two dice, multiply, the biggest number wins

You get the idea! Whatever math practice your kids need, make up a Tenzi game!


Take your Tenzi game to the next level

Have you run out of ideas for Tenzi? Your game will go to the next level with the Tenzi Card Deck. The Tenzi Card Deck is an add-on and contains 77 cards, each with a new way to play Tenzi!


The Tenzi Card Deck reinforces even more math skills, including multiplication & estimation! Additionally, the card deck comes with 3 blank cards so your kids can come up with their own challenges!


Tenzi, a math dice game

I have to be totally honest, when I first broke out the Tenzi dice and we played a few rounds of standard Tenzi my husband & I both agreed that we didn’t enjoy the game. When we broke out the Tenzi Card Deck and everything changed, after each round we found ourselves saying “One more game…just one more…ok but only one more..just one more…” I wasn’t sure how my kids would feel about Tenzi since dice games aren’t their favorite, but the morning after game night found them at the table making up challenges for each other.


Skills Learned By Playing Tenzi

-Speed Skills – Tenzi is a game that is best played fast, making it a great introduction to speed drills and timed testing.

-Sensory Processing – Tenzi is a noisy but not necessarily loud game, making it a gentle choice for children with noise aversion.

-Speed Recall & Short-Term Memory – Tenzi requires players to quickly recognize patterns and act according to the challenge card, making it a natural booster of both speed recall and short-term memory skills.

-Math – Tenzi covers many basic math concepts including pattern recognition, prediction, matching, and probability.


Buy the game on Amazon
Buy the card deck on Amazon
Ages: 7+
Game play time: ~2 minutes per round
Reading requirements: minimal played as is, moderate if using card deck
Parental Involvement: not necessary


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Tenzi, a math dice game