Summer Board Games: Board Games to Play This Summer

Summer Games : Board Games to Play This Summer

Summer Board Games : The Best Games to Play This Summer

Summer is full of so many memory-making opportunities. While I often think of board games as an activity for cold winter & rainy spring days, board games are a perfect addition to your summer activities! What follows is an always-growing list of board games & other games that are perfect to play this summer.

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Why are games so great to play in the summer?

•Summer often means groups! Games are wonderful group ice breaker activity.

•Summer means picnics, festivals, and other outside activities. Games help to pass the time and create bonds.

•Summer means HEAT! Gaming allows you to escape to the air conditioning.

•Prepare for Kindergarten & Prevent the Summer Slide by gaming!


Let’s explore some great Summer Board Games!


Great Summer Board Games for Groups!

Apples 2 Apples – The original kid-safe group game! Apples-to-Apples is not only a lot of fun, it’s a great game for practicing reading, thinking, debate, and public speaking skills!

Dungeons & Dragons – Every time I think I can’t find reasons to love D&D more, I play another campaign. Creative thinking, storytelling, handwriting, math…it’s all there. Great for creative thinkers and those who struggle with abstract thought too!

The Meme Game : Disney Version – Teens have always enjoyed pop culture, and The Meme Game is a literature & thinking game that appeals to that commonality. I like the Disney version the best because it’s safe for all levels, some other meme games can be more on the adult side.

Apples to Apples Party BoxApples to Apples Party BoxD&D Starter KitD&D Starter KitThe Disney Meme GameThe Disney Meme Game

Summer Board Games to Play Outside

YardZee – The popular dice-based math game of similar name is brought to life with this huge, yard-sized game!

Giant 4 in a Row – It may look like a simple game of connecting 4, but it’s also a great strategy & logic game too! Oh, and fun as heck.

Giant Wooden Toppling Tower – STEM  lessons abound in this giant version of a popular game. TIP: If you or your child is sound sensitive, I recommend ear plugs or ear phones while playing.


Giant Wooden YardZeeGiant Wooden YardZeeGiant 4 in a Row GameGiant 4 in a Row GameGiant Wooden Toppling TowerGiant Wooden Toppling Tower

Twister Ultimate – Is any childhood complete without Twister? I’m not sure but you won’t have to worry about it when you play this giant, family-sized version of Twister!

Flickin’ Chicken – It may be a silly game, but Flickin’ Chicken is in it’s own category of summer games. Players compete to flick their chicken to hit targets. So much physics!

Outdoor Checkers Set – No one can refuse a match of checkers. The set featured below uses a rug board and large plastic pieces, making it a good choice for outdoor storage and play.


Twister Ultimate GameTwister Ultimate GameFlickin' ChickenFlickin’ ChickenGiant 3-in-1 CheckersGiant 3-in-1 Checkers

Summer Board Games to Escape the Heat

Bananagrams – Bananagrams is a spelling game that each player plays on an individual basis, great for mixed level play.

Mysterium – Best when played with at least 4 players (though you can play 2 & 3 player versions too), Mysterium is a game of interpretation and communication appropriate for older kids, teens, and adults.

Unstable Unicorns – Unstable Unicorns is a riotous game! Use cute, but often nefarious, unicorns to decide the fate of your opponent.

Bananagrams WildTilesBananagrams WildTilesMysteriumMysteriumUnstable UnicornsUnstable Unicorns



Betrayal at House on the Hill – This is my all-time-favorite game ever! Betrayal at House on the Hill is a storytelling game involving murder, slightly gory horror, and is best for 3 or more older teen & adult players.

Bears Vs. Babies – Hilarious game of science! Science? Yes, science! Bears vs Babies is an excellent introduction to survival of the fittest and evolution.

Punderdome – In this game the best pun wins. This game was designed for 3+ players but it’s a piece of cake to adapt it for two players.

Betrayal At House On The HillBetrayal At House On The HillBears vs BabiesBears vs BabiesPunderdome: A Card Game for Pun LoversPunderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers


Take These Board Games on Summer Vacation!

Tile-Lock Scrabble – It’s the Scrabble we all know but in a travel-friendly version! Also good for kids who tend to drop & misplace tiles.

Mattel 3 Classic Card Game Tin (Uno, Phase 10, Snappy Dressers) – One of my fondest childhood memories is of warm summer nights spent at a rented beach house with my family, playing cards well into the night. These three card games, conveniently packaged in a metal tin, are classics everyone will love.

NiYa– I love NiYa for three reasons: 1. It’s packaged in a portable tin not much larger than a cell phone. 2. It’s a quick play game, perfect for rest stops. 3. Even very young kids can grasp the game mechanics. My youngest learned this game when she was 4.

Tile-Lock ScrabbleTile-Lock ScrabbleMattel Games 3 Game CollectinMattel Games 3 Game CollectinNiya - a game by Bruno CathalaNiya – a game by Bruno Cathala


Cardline – As you can see above, I’m a big fan of games that are packaged in tins. The Cardline series of games will introduce your child to big picture history in a unique manner.

Shadows in the Forest – Are you going camping this summer? Shadows in the Forest is a glow-in-the-dark game that’s perfect for nighttime playing.

Fluxx – There are dozens of versions of Fluxx that are super educational, but sometimes the original game is exactly what you need. Fluxx is a fast-play game that is friendly to most needs and ages.

Cardline DinosaursCardline DinosaursThinkFun's Shadows in the ForestThinkFun’s Shadows in the ForestFluxx 5.0 Card GameFluxx 5.0 Card Game


Games to Prevent the Summer Slide

Prime Climb – Keep your kid’s math brain working this summer by playing Prime Climb!

Race to Infinity – Practice all of the basic math functions this summer by beating other people. Sounds legit, right?

Proof! – Mental Math is a skill necessary to functional adulting, and it’s a whole lot more fun to do when you play a game. That’s exactly what Proof does.

Race to Infinity Math GameRace to Infinity Math GameProof! - The Game of Mental Math MagicProof! – The Game of Mental Math MagicMath for Love - Prime ClimbMath for Love – Prime Climb

Scattergories – Perfect for groups, Scattergories is a game of creative thinking and word play.

Exit The Game: The Forgotten Island – I love the concept of escape rooms but they still freak me out a little. Also I’m really, really bad at puzzles. Get the experience of an escape room without having to actually go to one when you play the Exit The Game series. An affordable family night in and the reliable Thames & Kosmos quality.

Play on Words – This unique game can accommodate ANY party size! It can be played by 1 player, up to four players for regular play, & as teams for cooperative play!

Scattergories GameScattergories GameExit: The Forgotten IslandExit: The Forgotten IslandPlay On Words Card GamePlay On Words Card Game


Summer Board Games to Prepare for Kindergarten

Chunks – This popular preschool & early elementary game is a bl-ast! Read my review of Chunks.

Briarpatch I Spy Game – Reading, writing, and arithmetic are important skills, but observation skills shouldn’t be forgotten!

Stack Up – Peaceable Kingdom is well known for creating games that nurture the brain and the heart. Matching, fine motor control, patience, and STEM are all covered in Stack Up!

Didax Chunks The Incredible Word Building GameDidax Chunks The Incredible Word Building GameI SPY Preschool GameI SPY Preschool GamePeaceable Kingdom Stack Up!Peaceable Kingdom Stack Up!

Sum Swamp – One of the best games out there for cuteness AND beginning addition and subtraction skills. Read my review of Sum Swamp.

Tiny Polka Dot – Have you seen the baby mobiles designed to stimulate the brain with their simple patterns? That’s sort of what Tiny Polk Dot is like, only it’s a math game.

Let’s Feed the Very Hungry Caterpillar – Kids & parents love Eric Carle, and Let’s Feed the Very Hungry Caterpillar is a natural extension of that admiration.

Learning Resources Sum SwampLearning Resources Sum SwampMath for Love Tiny Polka DotMath for Love Tiny Polka DotLet's Feed The Very Hungry CaterpillarLet’s Feed The Very Hungry Caterpillar



Summer Games to Play When the Kids Are in Camp (2 player games)

Hoopla – Before Apples 2 Apples, before Cards Against Humanity, before Exploding Kittens,  there was Cranium Hoopla!

Lost Cities – This is the 2 person card game, the original version of Lost Cities, that inspired the board game of the same name. Read my review of Lost Cities Card Game.

Magic The Gathering – If you haven’t heard of Magic The Gathering, it’s kinda like if Pokémon and Dungeons & Dragons had a baby.

Cranium Hoopla GameCranium Hoopla GameLost Cities - The Card GameLost Cities – The Card GameMagic: the Gathering Core Set 2019Magic: the Gathering Core Set 2019

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