Shopping List by Orchard Toys Review

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Shopping List Memory Game Review

Orchard Toys, a company based in the U.K., is well known for their child-friendly games & toys. Shopping List is their version of a memory game, and it is ADORABLE! Helping kids practice memory skills, however, isn’t the only benefit of playing Shopping List, read on to find out more!

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How to play Shopping List Memory Game

The rules of Shopping List are pretty straight forward, each player picks a shopping cart (or basket) and a grocery list. Place the tiles (the groceries) face down in front of the players. Players take turns picking a tile, if it’s on their grocery list they put it in their cart/basket. If the tile the player picks isn’t on their list they turn it back over and it’s the next player’s turn.


What do my kids learn when they play Shopping List Memory Game?

Shopping List is all about memory skills, and it’s a really fun & gentle way to practice these skills. It’s not just about memory though, this is also a game for kids who struggle with fine motor control.

Shopping List Preschool Memory Game Review, Gameschooling & Secular Homeschool @

Orchard Toys Shopping List, Children's Game, Multi, One SizeOrchard Toys Shopping List, Children's Game, Multi, One SizeOrchard Toys Shopping List Memory Game (Bilingual French/English), 171Orchard Toys Shopping List Memory Game (Bilingual French/English), 171Shopping List Booster Pack - Fruit & VegShopping List Booster Pack - Fruit & Veg

Adapting Shopping List Memory Game for special needsShopping List Preschool Memory Game Review, Gameschooling & Secular Homeschool @

There really isn’t a lot of adapting you need to do for this game. There are no reading or math skills required & game play is quick.

What we love about Shopping List Memory Game

It’s cute! The first thing we noticed is how adorable this game is. It’s so, so cute. It’s also a game that makes my young child feel like she’s being an adult.

It’s easy to learn & play! My child loves playing this game, and I love that she can play without me having to remind her of the rules. She loves that we can just open the game and go.

Expansion packs! Not many kid games have expansion packs and kids lose interest fast. Shopping List has one expansion and a bilingual version that’s in French & English, keeping the fun alive a lot longer.

Is there anything we don’t love about Shopping List Memory Game?

The only thing we don’t like is that sometimes the game can be difficult to find in the US.


Fast Facts About Shopping List

Publisher: Orchard Toys
Type of game: Memory game
Buy It: Regular Game
Bilingual Game
Booster Pack
Cost: $
Ages: 3+
Players: 2-4
Time to Play: 5-10minutes
Reading Skills: Not necessary
Math Skills: None needed
Adaptability: Not necessary
Skills learned: Fine motor control, memory skills
Worldview: Safe secular choice

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