Shark Week 2016 Resources

Shark Week Resources Unit Study


It’s that time of year again! SHARK WEEK! Now is the perfect time to introduce your children to sharks using these books, videos, virtual experiences, and hands-on activities!

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Shark week officially begins June 16th on The Discovery Channel, bneed a cable subscription to use the resources below.



Shark Week 2016 Resources


Lift-the-Flaps Sharks (preschool/elementary book) – Sharks aren’t just scary fish with pointy teeth. Lift the flaps in this richly illustrated book to meet gentle giants, fierce hunters, beady-eyed baby sharks and the weird, weedy wobbegong. Your younger learners will love this interactive book, and your older learners might just learn a thing or two as well 😉 (Amazon link – Sharks (Usborne Lift-the-Flap Learners))







Shark Week 2016 Resources



Sharks Discovery – This vividly illustrated guide gets up-close and personal. Learn what drives sharks into “”feeding frenzies” and more. Geared for learners 8+, with an AR level of 6.5, this gorgeously illustrated book gives kids the facts they want to know! (Amazon Link – Usborne Discovery Sharks (Internet Linked))








Shark Week 2016 Resources


Usborne Sharks – What do sharks like to eat? Which shark glows in the dark? And why do some sharks never stop swimming? You’ll find out the answers and lots more fun facts in this shark-infested book. (Amazon link – Sharks (Usborne Beginners))










Shark Week 2016 ResourcesShark Bait – Action has a new hero – Sam Fox! With a talent for attracting danger, Sam Fox is an expert at getting himself into (and out of) the most extreme situations. This series has a strong appeal with a courageous young hero and exotic settings and has non-stop action and short chapters which will engage reluctant readers.

When Sam and his friend are swept off the coast of the Great Barrier Reef, Sam must fight to keep them alive. As night falls over the ocean, the underwater predators start moving in? (Amazon link – Shark Bait (Extreme Adventures 3 ))




Netflix Resources*

*Videos were available on Netflix streaming as of the date of this post.


Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin (Season 1, episode 19) – Hawaii Shark Encounter

Hunt for the Super Predator

Death Beach


Amazon Prime Streaming Resources (free with Prime membership)

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Galapagos: Realm of Giant Sharks

Search for the Great Sharks

World of Discovery Shark Chronicles

Sharks 2D & Sharks 3D

Shark Quest


Virtual Labs/Experiences

Virtual Shark Lab

Virtual Shark Dissection

Shark Anatomy Game

Virtual Shark Dive

Shark Cams


Hands-On Shark Activity Kits

Skullduggery Eyewitness Shark Casting Kit

4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model

Shark Tooth Dig Kit – Dig Up 3 Real Shark Teeth Fossils!


Other Shark Activities

Shark Anatomy Coloring Page
Shark Matching Activity Page
Printable Shark Activities

Shark Week Resources Unit Study

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