Science Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime

The Best Science Shows on Amazon Prime

Science Shows on Amazon Prime Video

I’m a big fan of utilizing streaming media to enhance homeschooling. Screen Schooling is a thing, and it works really well for some of my kids. We typically find shows to stream with Netflix, Curiosity Stream, Kanopy, Hoopla Digital, and Amazon Prime Video.

This post is going to deal with some of our favorite science shows on Amazon Prime Video! Please note that to view these videos you’ll need an Amazon Prime Membership, which I would have even if it didn’t come with the amazing streaming media perks! Click here to get a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime.

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DIY SCI - Best Science Shows on Amazon Prime Video


This science series, starring the one-and-only Steve Spangler, is definitely one of the finest science shows on Amazon, or anywhere else! DIY SCI features science experiments you can do at home (with proper supervision, of course), using stuff you have around the house, DIY SCI is free for Amazon Prime subscribers or available to rent per episode. DIY SCI is appropriate for all ages.



Popular Mechanics for Kids

Does your child love science? Do they have questions about how things are made? Are they interested in how the world works? Popular Mechanics for Kids will be right up their alley if so! There are over 80 episodes available free for Prime subscribers, each episode featuring one scientific concept. PMFK is appropriate for all ages.



Horrible Science - Best Science Shows on Amazon Prime Video

 Horrible Science

What makes science so…horrible? Find out in this hilarious comedy that is a spoof of some very popular science tv shows. I’m not naming names, but…well, just watch Horrible Science and see for yourself. Bring the education home even more with the books the series is based on and the author’s website!



Food Science

Hosted by actress Katy Stoll, this female-driven science show features relatable experiments with items that can be found in your kitchen. Food Science is fun and fast-paced, proving science isn’t just performed in labs by men in white coats. Anyone can be a scientist in their own kitchen!


How the Universe Works

A series my family has watched multiple times, How the Universe Works teaches us about planets, solar systems, galaxies, stars…everything that  makes up our world and beyond.  “Take a deeper look at how the cosmos is designed, built and operates on How the Universe Works.



PBS is tops when it comes to documentaries, and NOVA is one of their best. This long-standing show covers every science topic you can imagine. You can add some educational punch to the show by using these lesson plans and activity ideas.


Sid the Science Kid

Kids are born scientists, and Sid the Science Kid is just for the youngest of scientists! With fun songs and characters, STSK teaches kids about the scientific method and nature. PBS has a long list of activities you can add to the show to make it even more fun!


What science shows do you love to watch on Amazon Prime Video? Comment below and join in on the conversation over on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group: Gameschooling.

The Best Science Shows on Amazon Prime
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