Science at the Dollar Store

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This is a follow-up to the super popular Homeschooling at the Dollar Store post I did last year.

This time we’re focusing on science and some great items found at the dollar store that can be used to teach science!!

Science at the dollar store

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Magnifying glasses are great for observation, I keep a couple in the car for spontaneous learning
-Bug catch kits (usually only a summer product)
-Balloons (You can do a Mystery Pop!)
Baby powder (check out this great experiment using baby powder!)
Baking soda (volcano, anyone?)
Measuring cups
-White vinegar (Check out this experiment using vinegar!)
-Foil (to make a solar oven!)
Nail polish remover (use it to melt styrofoam!)
-Tea Bags (make a tea bag rocket!)
-Garbage bags (make a hot air balloon!)
-Glassware (make a rainbow!)
-Highlighters (Ohhh, glowing water!)
-Cans of soda (try this simple air pressure experiment)
-Glue (you can make gak!)
-Dish Soap (Doctor Mad Science has a great experiment using dish soap!)
-Plastic sandwich bags (another air pressure experiment!)
-Bleach (make sure you supervise this experiment!)

As you can see, the possibilities are endless and for a few bucks you can provide your kids with a solid science lab experience!

Sharing is caring!

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