Rooster Race Review : Math Game

Rooster Race Review

Rooster Race Review

Scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch a video review and playthrough of Rooster Race Math Game!

Rooster Race, by RoosterFin games, is a fast game of probability, guessing, and counting. Players compete to win the most corn by correctly predicting if the next card in their pile is higher or lower than the last card played.

I was not asked to do this review, I purchased this item on my own and decided to review it.

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How to Play Rooster Race

Rooster Race Review1. Shuffle the cards and deal out to players. Refer to the directions for number of cards to deal.

2. Flip a starter card out. Players take turns guessing if their next card number is higher or lower than the current card.

3. Correct guesses win a corn token. Incorrect answers pay a penalty of one corn token (if they have any). Ties mean a skipped turn.

4. The game ends when players run out of cards. Whoever has the most corn at the end of the game, wins!


What Is My Kid Learning?

When your child plays Rooster Race¬†they’re practicing:

Counting 1-15
Speed Drills
Number recognition
Turn taking
Friendly competition

What Do I Love About Rooster Race?

There is nothing that will turn me away from a kid’s game faster than complicated directions, and this game is perfect because it comes with just one page of instruction! This is the perfect game to give to the kid who is transitioning to independent learning. The game can be played by one player and is so easy to understand, they’ll be playing within a few minutes.

This is a great introduction into timed drills for your kids. Rather than throwing them into speed drills immediately, give them some practice with games like this where you have to play fast.

Adapting for different needs: Rooster Race can easily be adapted for younger learners and those who need some more help with recognizing numbers and counting, check out the video below to see my ideas for adaptation.

You could also adapt the game to older audiences by playing makeshift games of War using the cards, that would be a great way to practice multi-digit facts and multiplication to the 15s. You could even use the cards to compare least common multiples.

Is There Anything I Don’t Love?

The cards in Rooster Race are slippery, this makes for high frustration when playing. I found that if we played on the carpet the cards didn’t slip around quite so much.

Watch Us Play Rooster Race

Fast Facts about Rooster Race Math Game
Website: RoosterFin
Amazon: Rooster Race
Skills: Math, guessing, probability, counting
Required Skills: Counting to 15, number recognition
Adaptable?: Yes
Parental Involvement: Not necessary

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Rooster Race Review