REVIEW: POP for Sight Words

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POP for Sight Words Review

Do you have an emerging reader in your house? Are you looking for fun ways to review common sight words? If so, you’re going to love POP for Sight Words by Learning resources.

I ordered this game for my son on a whim. I was looking for inexpensive games to stick under the Christmas tree and I hit “add to cart” when I saw the price tag on POP for Sight Words. At under $10 this game is an economical (and adorable!) choice.

While POP for Sight Words is an inexpensive game, it is made on high quality materials. The cards and box are made from reinforced, glossy-coasted cardboard. There are 92 sight words and 8 POP! cards in each box. If you’re like me and your homeschooling rarely stays home, you’ll love that this game is super portable.

POP for Sight Words Review

Game play is simple and open-ended. To play the game each player pulls a piece of popcorn from the box. If the child reads the word correctly they keep it. Incorrectly read words and returned to the box, and if you select a POP! card all of your cards go back in the box.

The suggested game play is great for beginning readers but the real fun starts when you create your own games. Here are some ideas:

-Turn the words you collect into sentences

-Draw a monster on card stock and cut out the mouth. Have your child feed the popcorn to the monster after he reads the word

-Make Bingo cards and play sight word Bingo

-Lay the cards out face up. Call out a word and see how quickly your child can find it

POP for Sight Words is one game in the POP series. Other titles include POP for Word Families, POP for Blends, & POP for Addition and Subtraction. Check out Amazon for all available titles.

Price: under $10
Number of players: 2-4
Recommended ages: 5 – 8
Reading level required: Beginning
Company website:


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