Review of There, Their, They’re Silly Sentences Game

You all know how much I love using games to enrich my kid’s education. There are times, however, when I don’t have the time (or creativity!) to create the perfect game to supplement our studies. When this happens I rely on the creativity of other educators to fill in the blanks, and I’ve found a gem!

Melody, of Just Fun and Games, has some really adorable games in her Teachers Pay Teachers store. In case you haven’t discovered TPT yet, it’s a website where teachers (including homeschoolers!) can buy and sell their homemade educational materials & lesson plans.

there, their, they're game

I recently had the chance to review the There, Their, They’re Silly Sentences game with Mister Man, who is 8 years old. The game was a definite hit, with Mister Man asking to play it over and over. His older sister, 10 year old Miss Dreamer, asked to sit in on a few rounds as well. The real fun happened when the oldest, 17 year old Miss Almost Grown, decided to sit down and play with us.

We reviewed this game in October so Melody was kind enough to send us the regular and Halloween version of the game. My son got a huge kick out of the silly sentences, like this one:

there, their, they're game

The first time you play the game you need to do a few minutes of prep.

First, print out the there, their, they’re cards, flip the paper over and put it back in the printer to print the backside of the cards. Cut the cards out.

I recommend using cardstock because of its thickness. I used it because it’s the only paper I had. Usually we’re out of ink, not paper…but I digress…

there, their, they're game

Next, do the same with the silly sentences cards.

there, their, they're game

Now you’re ready to play! Place the sentence cards face-down in one pile. Randomly deal 4 TTT cards to each player, the rest go face-down in another pile.

The first player picks a sentence card from the top of the pile, reads it, then determines if the sentences calls for there, their, or they’re. If the player has the correct card in their pile they match the card to the sentence and their turn is over.

If the player does not have the correct there (their, or they’re) in their pile they have to draw a card from the TTT pile.

Play continues until the first player runs out of TTT cards.

For a little extra fun Mister Man decided we should yell “uno!” when we have one TTT card left, and if you forget you have to draw 4 extra TTT cards 😉

This game is cute, for sure, but it’s also a lot of fun and educational. The There, Their, They’re Silly Sentences Game currently sells for $4 in the Just Fun and Games store, and you can pick from a non-holiday or holiday theme.

In addition to the TTT game, Melody also has games available for reviewing your/you’re, multiplication, Thanksgiving Bingo, & a bug collecting game. Games range from free (woo hoo!) to just $5. In addition to getting an awesome and affordable game, you’ll be helping another homeschool family earn income! Win-win!

Melody Templeton is another homeschooling mom who tries to make a game out of learning. You can get your own copy of the game at her Teachers Pay Teacher store, Just Fun and Games:

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own and your experience may vary.

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