Review of the iTooch Family of Educational Apps

Educational apps are a real lifesaver for me. I’m guilty of handing my children my phone to keep them quiet entertain them on long drives, at the grocery store, while waiting for doctor’s appointments and all those times when they need to be patient.

review of itooch apps

The iTooch family of apps, from EduPad, aims to be a premier provider of educational apps.

iTooch currently offers the following apps:
Elementary School – Covers math, language arts, and science for grades 3, 4 & 5 with more than 18,000 exercises. Also covers health for grade 5.

Middle School – Covers math & language arts for grades 6, 7 & 8. Also covers health for grade 6. Over 10,000 exercises.

TOEFL – Helps students prefer for the TOEFL exam (a test of your use of the English language)

SAT – Prepared students for the SAT examination

Recess – Recess is a game that covers multiple subjects as review

My children and I tested SAT and Recess as they were free trials in the iTunes app store.

I had my 17 year old daughter, who is a community college student, test out the SAT prep app. We found that this app was really buggy. The app initially let us pick which subject to review, but once we chose a subject we had no way to get back to the main menu. As a result of this bug we could only review the history questions, and only 2 questions for each section.

The SAT app works in two modes, practice and test. You start by practicing and when you’re ready you move to test mode. Test mode keeps track of your score and recommends areas that need further study.

Miss Almost Grown said the app was ok, and she would probably use it on her iPod Touch if it wasn’t so buggy.

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review of itooch apps
review of itooch apps

My 8 year old son & 10 year old daughter helped me review the Recess app, which only has two games to evaluate in the trial version. Mister Man LOVED playing the first game, Colors. The app will say a color and you have to pop a bubble of that color.

Miss Dreamer isn’t keen on timed tests as they give her anxiety. She wasn’t very interested in Colors so I moved her to the next game, Equations. This game gives you 30 seconds to solve as many equations as possible, and to make things harder you have to pick the answer from a bunch of moving bubbles. It was very stressful for Miss Dreamer and she put the app down after just one round. Mister Man also played for only one round as there are a lot of multiplication questions and he is just learning his multiplication facts.
review of itooch apps
review of itooch apps

With all of that said, I think the iTooch games are definitely worth a looksee. I cannot recommend buying one of the apps as I have not tried the full versions but I definitely recommend checking out the free versions to see if they’re a fit for your child.

COMMON CORE ALERT: The iTooch family of apps are “based on the US National Common Core Standards”

-Platform: iOS, Windows Tablets, Google Play-compatible Android devices
-Price: Full versions vary from $4-10
-Free Versions: Vary by device, offer a small percentage of games available in the full version
-Number of players: 1
-Recommended ages: 8-18
-Reading level required: Depends on level chosen
-Company website:

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I evaluated the free trial versions of the programs mentioned to facilitate this review. I was not given the full version and as such my reviews are based solely on our experience with the trial versions. Your experience may vary.

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