REVIEW: Homeschool Programming

Do you have a child who is interested in learning how to create computer games? What about apps? Design a webpage?

If those topics interest your child Homeschool Programming might be just what you are looking for!

homeschool programming review

The facts about Homeschool Programming:
-Homeschool Programming is curriculum that was designed by software engineers who also happen to be homeschooling parents.

-The curriculum is self-guided and self-paced, allowing your child to take all the time the need to learn and experiment.

-There are a lot of help files to…well…help you along the way.

-The program comes with a printed book and an installation CD

-You do not need to purchase extra software to use this program! Everything you need is either included or a free download. And don’t worry, the installation software walks you through all downloads.

-You don’t need programming experience to use this program. If you know how to type, use a mouse and save/retrieve files you’re good to go!

-Each program consists of two semesters and makes for an excellent high school elective credit!

-There are four programs to choose from:
Homeschool Programming Review

What we thought:
We received Teen Coder C# Series (Windows & Game Programming) to review. This program was a natural fit for Miss Almost Grown (17) & Miss Universe (15) as they took a 25 week series of classes recently that taught them the basics of video game programming. Homeschool Programming took what they learned a step further and went into much more detail.

We did have a little trouble with installation but I chalked this up to user error. For review purposes we received the lesson book in PDF format and the software in downloadable form. I imagine things will be much, much easier with the CD and book in front of you 🙂 The good news is that once I figured out where I went wrong (At first I only downloaded the 2nd semester and was trying to use it with the 1st semester written material – whoops!) it was smooth sailing.

**If you get stuck don’t hesitate to check out the help files on the Homeschool Programming website, they are very helpful and got us on the right track.

When you’re ready to start lessons you have two options:
1. Use the book and software
2. Watch an instructional video then use the book & software.

Miss Almost-Grown chose option #2 as she is very much a visual learner. Miss Universe went with option #1.

The lesson videos are very well organized and easy-to-navigate:
homeschool programming review

The lessons were very easy to understand and the video quality is good. The lessons aren’t particularly flashy but they do the job well and aren’t so long that your student gets bored. Each lesson covers one principle of programming. Once the lesson is finished the student hops over to the written book to work through a lesson.

After just a few lessons I could tell that the girls were retaining what they had learned and were developing a real understanding of programming. The classes they had taken previously dealt more with the hows, I was very pleased that Homeschool Programming also addressed the whys. It’s one thing to know HOW to do something, it’s a completely different thing to know WHY you do something.

All-in-all we think Homeschool Programming is a winner and look forward to starting the second semester and other programs!

Would you like to see more? Check out some sample pages and videos here.

Price: $$$$ (over $100)
Number of players: One family (see Conditions of Use details here)
Recommended ages: 4th grade & up
Parental Involvement: Optional
Reading level required: Skilled
Company website:

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