REVIEW: Chunks Word Building Game by Didax

Every once in a while you have one of those days where you don’t feel like doing anything but sitting on the floor and playing games with the kids. Right?

**Disclaimer: I was given nothing in exchange for this review and I was not asked to do this review. I bought this game, used, from a friend and liked it so much that I decided to review it. This post contains an affiliate link, please don’t feel obligated to click on it or buy anything**

This was the story for us one day last week. Fortunately the mail person had visited, bringing with her a new game!

Chunks by Didax Review

Straight-forward and open-ended game play makes Chunks: The Incredible Word Building Game a great choice for children who are learning how to read…and their siblings…and their mother…and anyone who needs a quick diversion or a few giggles.

To play you simply lay all of the tiles face down, pick one of each color and make a word.

Review Chunks by Didax

What you decide to do from this point is up to you.

You can:
1. Ask the child to read the word, even if it’s a made-up word
2. Ask the child to create a silly sentence using the word
3. Tell you the definition of the word (this can get really funny!)
4. My favorite way to play since all of my children can read: If the word is a real word you keep it, if it’s not a real word you put the tiles back.
5. You can make up your own game
6. Make a pyramid from the tiles (to be fair we are studying Ancient Egypt)

Sometimes you get really funny words.

Chunks by Didax Review

One thing you need to know is that Chunks works on phonetic principles. Sometimes you will get a word that sounds right but isn’t spelled correctly, like rist instead of wrist. You can decide what to do at this point depending on the reading and spelling skill of your child. For my older children (14, 10 & 8) they had to have correctly spelled words, the 6 year old just needed a word that sounded correct and I figure we’ll pick up the rest later when we introduce formal spelling.

Review Chunks by Didax

We love this game and I can see us playing it a lot in the near future!
Price: $20-$30
Number of players: unlimited
Recommended ages: 5 & up
Parental Involvement: Optional
Reading level required: Beginning
Company website: