Resources for Homeschooling High School

Resources for homeschooling high school

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Resources for Homeschooling High School

Homeschooling high school can seem very intimidating, but it really doesn’t have to be. High school is a really fun time to homeschool, in fact I have to say that it’s my favorite part of homeschooling! I love homeschooling high school because my children are almost totally independent in their school work, they’re able to tell me what works and doesn’t work for them, they’re able to make their own decisions about what courses are worth taking, we can have really serious discussion about topics, and I don’t feel nearly as much pressure to teach since we outsource so much to MOOCS and other similar opportunities. By the time kids many hit 9th grade they’re practically teaching themselves, and that makes our job a whole lot easier!


That said, there seems to be a problem with finding resources for homeschooling high school. There is a distinct lack of blogs, especially. If you google “homeschooling high school” you’ll find very little aside from online high schools and a link to an alarmist organization that provides sometimes incorrect information.


Why is this? Why do the homeschooling resources stop the minute your child enters 9th grade? Is it because a lot of people send their kids to school at this age? I don’t know what the answer is, but I want to help solve that problem by intentionally adding more resources here for those facing the high school years. (and for the record, I have no problem with parents sending their kids to school! The wonderful thing about the educational choice we have is the CHOICE part!)


Check out my ever-growing list of resources for HIGH SCHOOL HOMESCHOOLING!


My list of resources is still growing but I want to share with you some of my favorite resources for homeschooling high school:


Let’s Homeschool High School has a great FAQ about credits, diplomas, transcripts and more.


The Great Courses Plus is a streaming service from The Great Courses (also available as DVDs and as audible audio-only lectures), that allows your child to study almost anything, anytime they want!


The Pioneer Woman featured a great essay from a guest writer about how they handled the high school years.


Lee Binz, The Home Scholar, has some great books and ebooks all about the paperwork required for homeschooling high school. I highly recommend all parents of homeschooled tweens and teens own a copy of Setting the Records Straight, a book all about transcript creation.


And finally, The Homeschool Mom has a great collection of posts about homeschooling high school


So tell me, what are your concerns about homeschooling high school? Are you looking forward to the high school years? Have you finished those years and want to tell us about them? Feel free to leave a comment below or join us on the Facebook Page for discussion!

Resources for homeschooling high school

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