Real Science Odyssey Chemistry 1 Review

real science odyssey review

*This review was unsolicited. I purchased this program for use in our homeschooling and liked it so much I decided to review it. I was given nothing in exchange for this review*

I’m married to a scientist, he’s a desk jockey by day and science nerd by night. He’s even writing his own series of hands-on science books. Science is something we live in our house and when search for a science curriculum I have several things that are on our mandatory list.

Any science curriculum brought into our home must:

1. Meet the needs of multiple learners of varying ages

2. Be hands-on and high-interest

3. Be affordable with labs that use common items

4. Be published by a company that takes a firm stand on the Creationism Vs Evolution debate, isn’t afraid to disclose it, and teaches evolution.

Does Real Science Odyssey Chemistry 1 accommodate multiple learners of varying ages?

R.S.O. Chemistry 1 is designed for elementary-aged learners, roughly grades 2-5. I’ve been using it with Miss Dreamer (11), Mister Man (9), and Mister Giggles (7), with Miss Universe (15) along for the ride, stretching (& exceeding!) both ends of the age recommendation. I found absolutely no problem presenting the information to all ages, even my 15 year old found the material interesting. The author, Blair Lee, does an excellent job of presenting the information without talking down or over the heads of the kids. This was very impressive to me, too often multi-level programs are written to the youngest student.

Each unit includes a written lesson (we took turns reading it out loud), labs (we completed them together), lab reports, and a fun writing exercise (usually notebooking-style cards, crosswords, etc. There are 7 units in this particular text.

Is Real Science Odyssey Chemistry 1 hands-on and high-interest?

R.S.O. Chemistry 1 starts off with a bang! The very first lesson gets the kids mixing things and comparing chemical reactions. What kid wouldn’t love that? The kids enjoyed the first activity so much that it was the dinner conversation for two whole days!

Chemistry is hands-on by nature and every single chapter of R.S.O. Chemistry 1 has at least one, usually more, lab activities. Your children will have fun learning the basics of chemistry while also learning lab safety.

Is Real Science Odyssey Chemistry 1 affordable? Do the labs use common items?

YES! These days a complete science curriculum can cost upwards of $100, without lab equipment! R.S.O. Chemistry one is currently prices at $68 for a print version and $47.99 for an ebook.

Want to know something awesome? Pandia Press offers a unique “try before you buy” program! This means you can download and use an entire unit of R.S.O. Chemistry 1 before you commit to buying!

A list of lab materials is provided with the book and includes items that you probably already have, or that can be purchased inexpensively at the dollar store. Lab equipment includes items like salt, baby powder, glass jars, measuring spoons, a funnel, and rubbing alcohol.

Does the publisher of R.S.O. Chemistry 1 take a stand on the Creationism Vs. Evolution debate?

While R.S.O. Chemistry 1 doesn’t teach or discuss either, Pandia Press is secular and their other science texts do teach evolution. You can read Pandia’s statement here.

All-in-all we feel Real Science Odyssey Chemistry 1 is a winner and we are now customers for life! We look forward to starting a new text this fall, we just can’t decide which one because we want to do them all!

Fast Facts:
Cost: $68 print, $48 ebook, lab supplies not included
Ages: Recommended for grades 2-5
Worldview: Secular

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