Pop and Learn Letters & Numbers Review

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Pop and Learn Letters & Numbers Review

The market is flooded with early learning games, it’s unusual for one to stand apart from all the others. Pop and Learn by Lakeshore Learning is one of those games that outshines the others. Why? For starters there is the double-sided game board. Then, you have the fact that this game is completely customizable, making it playable far into the elementary years. As if those weren’t good enough reasons to enjoy Pop and Learn, it’s also a game that can accommodate many skill levels each and every time you play!

I admit freely that I wasn’t terribly impressed with this game the first few times we played it, it wasn’t until I loosened up about the rules that I started to see its potential. You can see some of my ideas for playing Pop and Learn below. There really are a lot of opportunities for learning with this game because it is so customizable, let’s look into it a little more. *This is not a sponsored post.

Pop and Learn Lakeshore Review - Gameschooling & Secular Homeschooling @ HomeschoolGameschool.com



How to Play Pop and Learn With Multiple Skill Levels

Pop and Learn has so many options for teaching children at multiple levels. Whether your child is just learning how to count or polishing off their mental division skills, Pop and Learn can encourage students of all ages to practice math and language arts. The best part? Players of all skills levels can play together!

Simple ways to play:

MATH: Have child pop the die, count the dots and move that many spaces. If you land on a gem space you get a gem. When the gems are gone the person with the most, wins. 
MATH: Player pops die and moves the correct number of spaces, they must count/add/subtract the dots on the square.

Language Arts: Player pops the die, moves the correct number of spots, and say the letter/letter sound
Language Arts: Name a word that begins with the letter/sound


More complicated ways to play:

MATH: Skip counting
MATH: Multiply the different colors of dots together
MATH: Base 10 counting
MATH: Write fractions based on the color of the dots in each space
MATH: PEMDAS (ex: “(blue dots-red dots) x die=”)
MATH: Players can divide the block numbers by the die to practice decimals & remainders

Language Arts: Name proper names that start with the letter/sound
Language Arts: Name words that end with that letter/sound
Language Arts: Name a category of word that begins with that letter (fdinosaurs that start with …)
Language Arts: Name an onomatopoeia that begins with the letter sound
Language Arts: Have your child write the lowercase version of the letter
Language Arts: Say a sentence that contains alliteration of the letter sound

Pop and Learn Review, Gameschooling @ HomeschoolGameschool.com

What Do My Kids Learn When Playing Pop and Learn?

•Counting to 25
•Number recognition
•Basic math functions
•Base 10 introduction
•Letter recognition
•Language arts
•Motor control skills
•Gaming Mechanics


Tips for Parents

•Get some answers wrong and allow your child to correct you
•It’s ok to provide scrap paper & counting manipulatives
•While they’re impossible to choke on, die poppers are LOUD! If a player is sound sensitive I suggest playing on a carpeted surface (or lay a folded hand towel under the popper)
•With the youngest learners you may want to use fewer gems or hand one out for every correct answer. Otherwise, playing with the full number of gems can take a very, very long time.


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What Do We Love About Pop and Learn?

•Many ways to play make it completely customizable
•Excellent mental math practice game
•Multiple skills can be accommodated during the same game
•Game Board Quality is outstanding


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Pop and Learn Review - Gameschooling & Secular Homeschooling @ HomeschoolGameschool.com



Pop and Learn Review - Gameschooling & Secular Homeschooling @ HomeschoolGameschool.com