Planet Earth DVD Game Review


We love to play games as a family but sometimes we’re looking for something different than a standard board or card game. We’ve found a great game that fits the bill perfectly!

If you’re looking for an interactive, media-based, family-play game then you have got to check out the Planet Earth DVD Board Game!


Planet Earth DVD Board Game is part movie, part board game, part puzzle, and all fun!

TIP: This game was designed to be played by those who have watched the Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series series, however, this is not required as the included DVD has all the information needed to play the game.

planet earth dvd game review

The object of Planet Earth DVD Game is to move around the board answering questions about our planet. As you move around you will have the chance to collect puzzle pieces, which are placed on the board.

This game is unique in that it’s a board game and a puzzle, but perhaps the most unique aspect is the DVD. Instead of question cards, as found in most board games, Planet Earth DVD Game features a DVD that asks the questions. There are standard video-based questions for the majority of the game board, and more involved questions and video clips for the spaces that earn a puzzle piece. Watch the presentation on your tv and select the answer from the DVD menu. If you are on a puzzle piece the DVD will tell you how many puzzle pieces to collect for a correct answer, and incorrect answer results in the player’s turn ending.

There is no need to keep score with this game, the DVD does it for you! The DVD tracks which puzzle pieces are picked up and when the last piece is picked up the game is over and winner announced. The puzzle is built as a family but the player who picks up the last puzzle piece wins. Allow about an hour to finish the entire puzzle.

For those of us with limited gaming budget, this game is a great bang for your buck. My children have returned to this game for two years because each time you play the game is different. The DVD features thousands of questions and video clips, making it a new experience each time you play.

Price: $
Number of players: unlimited/family-style
Recommended ages: 6 & up
Reading level required: minimal


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