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How to Homeschool Hands-On Homeschooling

Hands-On Homeschooling: How to Homeschool with Projects & Activities

Social Studies
Hands-On Medieval Unit Study Plan
American Flag Windsock
Girls of American History Unit Studies
Streaming Media (movies) that Correspond With Story of the World, Volume 1
Make an Ancient Egyptian Cartouche Bookmark
Printable Ancient Egypt Board Game
Wigwam Craft
Time Capsule: Medieval England Review

Real-Life Math in the Grocery Store
Hands-On Math : Graphing Fun

Language Arts
Review Anything Beach Ball
Creative Ways to Practice Handwriting

Homeschool Microscope Review
Hatching Coturnix Quail
Enzymes in Action! A Fun Science Experiment
Clean Mud – A Fun Science Experiment
Make Your Own Fossil Imprints
EEME Project Genius Light
Freezer Bubbles
Balloon Hovercraft
The Great Forensic Challenge
Easy Worm Farm Tutorial
Gross Science: What Grows in Your Home?
Extracting Onion DNA
Make a Cork Bottle Rocket
Let’s Learn About Digestion Experiment

The Arts
Andy Warhol Art Project
Free Online Art Lessons for Homeschoolers
Art Projects for Kids
Mark Kistler Drawing Lessons
Sunflowers in the Style of Van Gogh by See the Light
Homemade Squeeze Chalk
Space Pants Tutorial
Homemade No-Cook Play Dough

Merge Cube: Augmented & Virtual Reality Games & Learning
Bloxels Builder Review, hands-on video game creation!
My Favorite Activity Books to Keep Kids Busy This Summer
Recycle Ball: A Game You Can Make from Trash!
Lowe’s Build & Grow Free Kids Clinics
Homemade Pipe Cleaner Game for Toddlers
Homeschooling with DIY.org
Our Year of Experience-Based Homeschooling
DIY Cloud Dough (a sensory recipe!)

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