Mobi Max Math Game Review

mobi max math game

Mobi Max Review

Stop the presses!I found a math game that ALL OF MY KIDS enjoy, Mobi Max! No, really, all of them! (Well, not the toddler, the only number she knows is 2, she doesn’t count! Count. Ha ha. See what I did there?)With such a large age range of kids, it’s very rare to find a game that all of my kids at home like to play. Make it a math game and the chances that all of my kids will like it go down even more. Really? How can I expect a 9 year old to like the same game as a 17 year old, let alone a MATH game!

Imagine how surprised I was when we sat down for our first game of Möbi Max and they asked to play it again. And again. And then another kid sat down to play. And then the high schooler sat down. And then they asked to play again the next night. It’s true! It happened! I even like this game, and I struggle to explain addition with regrouping to the kids.

UPDATE: Möbi Max now has a KIDS VERSION! Mobi Max Kids focuses solely on addition and subtraction!

mobi max math game

Mobi Max comes with a cute storage pouch. It’s a whale. Mobi. Get it??

Möbi Max Math Game Review

Möbi Max is a math fact tile game, much like the math version of Scrabble. Unlike Scrabble, however, there is no main gameboard. Each player creates their own game, which is ideal in families like mine where each person is on a different skill level.

Gameplay: Each player begins with 7 blue number tiles. Each player works independently to create a chain of math facts using the white operations tiles. This is a fast-paced game, with the goal being to make continuous math facts that use up all of your tiles.

What I really, really love about this game (what I really can’t stress enough!) is how this game can be played by people on very different levels. The child who only knows basic addition and subtraction is on level ground with the person who has aced multiplication and division.

Skills used: Playing Mobi Max will improve your child’s fact memorization and calculation speed skills

Special moves:
-Play a FLIP if you have one tile left but cannot place it. When you call FLIP every player takes 3 tiles.

-Any member can swap 1 number tile for 2 randomly selected tiles in the bank

-The mobi tile (it looks like a mobius strip) can be used as a blank number tile. Make it whatever number you need it to be.

-All facts must be correct and equal from left to right. Meaning, you can play 4+4=8=2×4 but you cannot play 4+4=8+1=9 or 4+4=8=1-9. (Don’t worry, it’s all explained with picture examples in the instructions!)

Mobi Max is a really great game. Your kids will be confident in using the skills they already have, while improving them. Your high schooler can play on an even field against your elementary-aged kid.

TIP: Help your kid memorize basic math facts by having them play alone!

If you are playing with a large group (5+), I recommend buying a second set.

Name: Mobi Max
Ages: 5+
Players: 1-6*
Skills: math, strategy, motor function, dexterity

*You may want 2 sets for more than 5 players

mobi max math game
mobi max math game
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