MEL Science Subscription Box Review

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MEL Science Review - Chemistry Susbscription Box, Secular Homeschooling @

MEL Science Review

MEL Science Review, MEL chemistry subscription box. Secular Homeschooling @ HomeschoolGameschool.comI am not equipped to teach chemistry, I’m just not. I didn’t leave high school or college with a very good grasp of chemistry, and frankly I haven’t had much of a reason to learn more since…until my kids needed to learn chemistry, anyhow. When I heard about MEL Science a few years ago, I was hooked before we even tried it. What isn’t to love about introducing my children to chemistry before the high school years, in a safe & understandable way?

Disclaimer: This review was unsolicited. I was not asked to do this review or compensated in any manner. This item was purchased with our personal funds.


About MEL Science

MEL Science was founded by friends, scientists in Russia and London, who wanted to bring parents an approachable way to introduce their children to chemistry. Chemistry is a scary subject for a lot of parents but there aren’t a lot of high-quality, truly secular chemistry curriculum choices out there, especially for elementary and middle school. The founders of MEL Science wanted to give parents a way to introduce their child to the principles of chemistry before they enter those crucial high school courses. MEL Science is intended for children ages 10-14, with parental supervision.

MEL Science operates as a monthly subscription box. As of the time of publication subscription packages started at $34.90/month. Every subscription comes with 2-6 experiments a month, a supply kit that contains everything you need, detailed safety information, virtual reality goggles, and an app that offers instruction and VR videos!

MEL Science Review - MEL Chemistry subscription box, secular homeschooling @

What Do We Love About MEL Science?


Mel Science Review - Secular Homeschooling @


-All supplies provided.  With very rare exception, MEL Science kits come with everything your child needs, including safety wear.

-Experiments are fun, but not terribly complicated. And each experiment comes with an informational booklet and a unit on the app. Students read the book, do the experiment, and investigate more with the app’s virtual classroom experience.

-Safety instructions included. Safety is always first with MEL Science. Safety instructions come in both written and illustrated format. Experiments calling for fire do not come with fire-starting supplies and are well marked.

-App-supported but not reliant. MEL Science has an absolutely fantastic app that accompanies the experiments. The app takes users step-by-step through the entire experiment and has supplemental resources, but if your child isn’t into technology they can use the print materials instead.

-Plenty of supplies. MEL Science comes with enough supplies to repeat the experiment 2-3 times, great for sharing or repeating.

-All learning styles are accommodated. MEL Science encompasses every learning style. Kinesthetic learners, visual learners, auditory…it’s all there.

-Encourages independence. MEL Science kits set students up for success by encouraging independence. Kids are given safe parameters in which to discover and experiment, they are in charge from the start!

-MEL Science is SECULAR! It’s always exciting to find another truly secular (as compared to neutral or non-sectarian) science resource, and MEL is one that you can trust.


MEL Science Review - MEL Chemistry subscription box, secular homeschooling @

Is There Anything I Don’t Love About MEL Science?

I won’t lie, the cost is prohibitive for many. MEL Science kits are not inexpensive, but they are of such high quality that you won’t feel like you’re getting a bad deal. MEL Science kits can also be easily split between two students, making them a little more affordable for some.


Fast Facts About MEL Science

Visit Mel Science
Reading: Proficient Reading Skills Required, though there are alternate illustrated instructions available.
Ages: 10-14
Cost: $$$$
MEL Science is a Safe Secular Choice

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Mel Science Review - Secular Homeschooling @
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