Marie’s Words Vocabulary Cards Review

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UPDATE 5/19/2019

A word regarding my prior review of Marie’s Words vocabulary cards.

A reader brought to my attention a problem with some cards showing seriously horrible racial connotations. I made the easy decision to remove this review and my recommendation. I apologize for reviewing this product at all.

One of the mentioned cards features text that reads “If the gloves don’t fit, you must AQUIT!”, for example. Other cards slurred the transgender community, make fun of those without Christian views, referred to Eve as a hEDONist, promote xenophobia, and more. Obviously this content is totally inexcusable, and it taught me a valuable lesson. It taught me to check every nook & cranny of an item before I recommend it, and it taught me to better spot hate and bigotry in everyday items.

Thank you dear reader for bringing this to my attention and teaching me. When we know better, we do better. Here is a great video about how white people can learn to become a better ally to People of Color. Let’s all do better.

You can contact Marie’s Words here. Some of the cards in question are aberration, aborigine, acquit, pious, ethics, hedonist, depravity, heterogeneous, & embark. I have asked other people to please send me pictures if they find more offensive cards. Please scroll down to see a photo of some of the more problematic cards found so far.
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