Make a Cork Rocket Science Experiment


Cork bottle rocket science experiment

Mister Man is enthralled with stomp rockets, he received a set for his 10th birthday and has played with them almost every day since.

While kid-powered rockets are fun, gas-powered rockets are even more fun!

*WARNING: adult supervision strongly recommended! Use common sense and do not point the rocket at any living being!*

To do this experiment you’ll need the following:
a wine cork (any type)
a bottle (we found that a 20oz soda bottle worked the best as it was a snug fit for the cork)
white vinegar
baking soda
a tissue divided into a single layer or square of single-ply toilet paper

Into the bottle pour about 1/2 cup of white vinegar. It’s ok to eyeball it, use more or less according to the size of your bottle.

Onto the square of tissue or toilet paper add about 1 Tbsp of baking soda. Roll the square up and twist the ends so it looks like a piece of taffy.

With the cork in one hand and the baking soda package in the other, keep the bottle upright on the ground and quickly slip the baking soda into the bottle then immediately insert the cork snuggly into the bottle mouth.

RUN! and watch 🙂

How it works: Baking soda is a base and vinegar is an acid, when the two mix they create a gas called carbon dioxide. As the carbon dioxide is made it joins the air in the bottle, creating pressure inside the bottle. Eventually so much pressure is built up the the cork pops right out of the bottle!

Please excuse the quality of the video, I didn’t have time to edit it. Or the desire 😉

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