Make a Balloon Hovercraft – A Fun Science Project

Have you ever read If You Give A Mouse A Cookie? It’s the story of a mouse who gets a cookie and that leads to a whole series of events. The events get sillier and sillier as the story continues.

That’s kinda what it’s been like around the house the last few days. Except with kids who have been stuck inside for a few days because of rain. And no cookies. Boo.

I decided to take advantage of the dreary day and do some fun sciencey stuff. The balloon hovercraft was a big hit with my kids and it’s so easy to do. A big shout out to Publix Supermarkets for providing us with the balloons for our project for free 🙂 Thank you!

balloon hovercraft

You need:
a balloon
an old cd or dvd
a pop-up soap bottle top or water bottle lid
hot glue gun

Glue the soap top to the cd, making sure the lid is centered over the hole in the cd.

Push the pop top down. Blow up the balloon and while holding it shut, attach it to the top of the soap top.

Pull the soap top lid up and watch your hovercraft go!

If you give a kid a balloon hovercraft she’ll want to play air hockey…

Ways to experiment:

Use balloons of different shapes

Use a helium-filled balloon

Blow the balloon up to different levels

Try this on different types of surfaces


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