Lowe’s Build & Grow Free Kids Clinics

Lowe's Build & Grow Clinic

I’m not exactly Mrs. FixIt, just ask my husband. I once tried to hang a picture frame, we ended up with a 2″ hole in the wall. True story.

It is exactly for that reason that I want my children to have some kind of an idea about what to do with tools. Mostly, I don’t want them to be afraid of the building experience. Thankfully Lowe’s Home Improvement stores is there to help!

Twice a month Lowe’s hosts FREE (woo hoo!) clinics to teach children how to build things. Clinics are held twice a month on Saturday & Sunday. When you arrive the child is given all the tools and safety equipment they need to build a craft kit. Our last visit happened to fall on a day they were making “scarers” (noise makers) for the Monsters University movie.

If you are like me and not the handiest of people I suggest bringing someone who is, because the kit directions are pictures and had me stumped. I wasn’t the only one who was confused so I’m going to assume this kit was more complicated than most.

I worked with my 6 year old son first, and he didn’t really care how his craft kit turned out so I had a practice 😉 While he played with his toy the 8 year old, 10 year old and I settled in to make their scarers the right way, and they turned out really cute 🙂

My 6 year old didn't want to be in the picture

My 6 year old didn’t want to be in the picture

When the craft kits are complete the children turn in their tools and are presented with a badge. My kids have been collecting badges for a while, I guess I need to get around to making them something to display them.

Lowe's Build & Grow Clinic

The kids really enjoyed their time with me and I enjoyed my time out of the house on a Saturday morning. We’ll be going to the next clinic but I think I’m going to drag my husband with us this time, you know, for moral support 😉

Things you need to know:

To ensure the availability of a craft kit you need to register your child for each clinic at http://lowesbuildandgrow.com/ (and arrive on time! All kits not claimed within 15 minutes of the clinic start time can be given to other kids!)

After registration you will be presented with a waiver to sign and bring to the clinic

Don’t assume the employee will be able to help you build (ask me how I know, LOL!)

Price: FREE
Recommended age: 12 & under
Reading level required: none
Skill level required: none
Parental involvement: required
Company website: http://lowesbuildandgrow.com/

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