10 Fantastic Language Arts Tools Under $10

Language Arts Tools Under $10 - Secular Homeschooling @ HomeschoolGameschool.com

10 Language Arts Tools Under $10

Language arts can be a tough subject for lots of kids to learn and for lots of parents to teach. What if I told you that reading and writing don’t have to be torture for either of you? And that the addition of some simple tools, all priced under $10*, you can completely flip the script and make language arts fun again!

Attention parents of children with dysgraphia: Every one of these items is something we use in our home as well as therapy. Click here to read our Strategies for Overcoming Dysgraphia.

*All items are listed at $10 or less at the time of publication. Prices are subject to change at any time and are not under my control.


Our Favorite Language Arts Tools Under $10

10 Language Arts Tools Under $10 - Gameschooling at HomeschoolGameschool.com

Super Grammar – (read my mini review here)
Super Grammar is one of the coolest grammar books you’ll find. It’s superhero themed, it’s approachable, it doesn’t require handwriting, and it’s under $10.





Clipboards10 Language Arts Tools Under $10 - Gameschooling at HomeschoolGameschool.com
I don’t know what it is about clipboards, they’re just magical. Your child doesn’t want to do their writing prompt? Rip that page out, stick it on a clip board, and watch your child suddenly become motivated. To make it extra motivating you could always add one of these nifty post office-worthy chain pens. Kids can’t resist chain pens for they too are also magical. I don’t get it, but whatever works!


10 Language Arts Tools Under $10 - Gameschooling at HomeschoolGameschool.comMad Libs
My fifth child absolutely loves Mad Libs. I don’t know what makes me happier, the fact that he’s handwriting and learning parts of a sentence or the giggles that come from the table when he’s doing them. Oh, and in case you didn’t know it, Mad Libs has stated that all future publications will be free from gendered stereotypes and have more gender-neutral language! Good on you, Mad Libs!


10 Language Arts Tools Under $10 - Gameschooling at HomeschoolGameschool.comPenAgain Pens & Twist ‘n Write Pencils
I stumbled across the PenAgain line while searching for alternative writing tools, and am I ever glad I did! Hand fatigue is a big problem in kids with dysgraphia and other learning differences, heck it even affects kids who don’t have these issues. The PenAgain line comes with an adjustment period for people who aren’t used to them, but my kids took to them right away. Hand fatigue still happens, just not quite as quickly. Bonus, these pens are a great switch up if your child is developing a painful callous from handwriting.


10 Language Arts Tools Under $10 - Gameschooling at HomeschoolGameschool.comMagnetic Poetry
I am a big believer in educational strewing, the practice of leaving things around the house for the kids to casually find and use, and that’s exactly what I did with magnetic poetry. Not long afterward, I found two teens and one preteen laughing at the table with a cookie sheet between them (our refrigerator isn’t magnetic, it’s a serious inconvenience!) What were they doing? Competing to see who could make the most depressing poem. They were reading and writing, I wasn’t about to stop them.


10 Language Arts Tools Under $10 - Gameschooling at HomeschoolGameschool.comDo One Thing Every Day writing journals / Wreck This Journal
I love both of these prompted writing journals so much. Do One Thing has several versions and is great for middle school, high school, adults, and anyone who already has a pretty good grasp of reading & writing. Wreck This Journal is a favorite for people who need more motivation to write, who need to write in small snippets, and who could benefit from non-handwriting writing activities.


10 Language Arts Tools Under $10 - Gameschooling at HomeschoolGameschool.comMagnetic Alphabet
Sure, I got these for my five year old but I’m pretty sure she’s not the one who keeps leaving the word “butt” on the dishwasher (which is magnetic, unlike our fridge!)



10 Language Arts Tools Under $10 - Gameschooling at HomeschoolGameschool.comKraft Paper
Kraft paper is great for large art projects, including coloring the walls. I know they’re less expensive but you don’t want to use wrapping paper or newsprint on the walls, learn from my past experiences. You can also use Kraft paper to bind books, create old-looking newspapers, make paper mache masks that resemble characters in a book, make a treasure map as a writing journal entry. The possibilities are endless.


10 Language Arts Tools Under $10 - Gameschooling at HomeschoolGameschool.comSpy Gear UV Gear Kit (invisible ink & black light)
Who among us didn’t daydream about being a spy as a kid? It’s just invisible ink and a black light but the kids think it’s really cool. Use it to pass notes with you child.  (Try to read that note in front of the whole class, Mrs. Allen! My 5th grade English teacher liked to use shaming as punishment. I was just trying to socialize.)


10 Language Arts Tools Under $10 - Gameschooling at HomeschoolGameschool.comRubiks Cube
What does a Rubiks Cube have to do with language arts, Meg? Everything! Busy hands = focused brains. Rubiks cubes serve as noiseless fidgets during read aloud time. Rubiks Cubes also help develop fine motor control, which is vital to handwriting. And if that’s not enough, Rubiks Cubes also develop hand-eye coordination and spatial skills, both of which are crucial precursors to reading.

What are your favorite Language Arts Tools Under $10?

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Language Arts Tools Under $10 - Secular Homeschooling @ HomeschoolGameschool.com

Language Arts Tools Under $10 - Secular Homeschooling @ HomeschoolGameschool.com

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