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The younger kids and I have slowly been making the transition into project-based homeschooling. The idea of PBH is appealing to me in many ways and the kids really seem to be doing well with it. I wanted to make the transition easy on us (on me, LOL) so I decided to start with some mini projects, all courtesy of is an amazing website that believes that anyone can become anything if they try. The goal of is to introduce kids to new skills, and by trying skills you can earn badges!

The way works is simple:

Sign your child(ren) up for an account. is free and available online or as an app for iPhone and iPad. takes your child’s privacy seriously and does not allow your child to register using their real name. is recommended for kids 8 – 16, but younger kids are allowed to join.

Your child browses the skills available and picks one to try. Currently there are 115 skills to pick from, with more added every month. Your child can pick from choices like Chemist, Papercrafter, Ornithologist, and even Yeti Hunter.

Your child completes several projects per skill. Projects are completed and then uploaded to the website in the form of a photograph or video. All photos and videos are screened for safety before they are visible to other users.

Along the way your child learns skills and earns badges! After completing a certain number of projects your child earns a virtual badge for that skill! They can then move on or keep completing projects to earn the title “master”. And get this, once your child has earned a badge you have the option to purchase a REAL badge for them for a few dollars! How cool is that?

Your child can interact with other users! Kids can compliment each other, give feedback, and interact in a safe way! All accounts are strictly monitored for content so you don’t have to worry about cyber bullying or your child running into a video you’d rather they not see.

Once you sign your kids up they can follow other users!
If they’d like to follow my kids have them search for:

Miss Dreamer = username Vermont Explode
Mister Man = username Fire Wash
Mister Giggles = username TNT Fan

We’ve been having a blast with this summer and hope you find it as fun as we have!

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3 thoughts on “Homeschooling with

  • Wendy Woudstra

    My son loves Some of the projects he’s done for the site are far more complex and difficult than anything I would have thought to assign him as a homeschool project. His username on DIY is Monkeyman.

  • Katrina

    How fun! My daughter started a Fashion Designer challenge today. Looking forward to getting my knot tie-er started on the Knotter challenges. 🙂