History Board Games

Games for People Who Like History - History Board Games

History doesn’t need to be dull, make history come alive through play! This list of history board games covers everything from pre-history to modern day. Please note that age guidelines are set by the game publisher and only you can decide if a particular history board game is a good fit for your family.

History Board Games

Board Games for People Who Like History

History Board Games for All Ages
Timeline (all topics)
Trajan (Ancient Rome / European History)
Mesopotamia (early civilization)
Inis (Irish history / European history)
Merchants & Marauders (Pirate Lore)
Pirate’s Cove (Pirate Lore)
Donner Dinner Party (American History)
Oregon Trail Card Game (American History)
Imhotep (Ancient Egypt / African History)
Relic Runners (archaeology)
Great Western Trail (American History)
The Colonists (American History)
Mask of the Pharoah (Ancient Egypt / African History)
Praetor (Ancient Rome)
Vikings on Board (Vikings / European History)
Thebes (Ancient Civilizations)
Chicago Express (American History)
New York 1901 (American History)
7 Wonders

History Board Games for Teens & Adults
Guillotine (French Revolution / European History)
Twilight Struggle (Cold War / American History)
Through the Ages (Major civilizations)
The 20th Century (Modern history)
Memoir ’44 (World War 2)
Stone Age (Pre-history)
Viticulture (Italian History / European History)


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History Board Games - Board Games for People That Like History

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