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I’m veering a little off-topic today to tell you about one of the coolest things I’ve experienced in a while.

I’m talking about Hello Fresh!
Hello Fresh Review


I know how busy the lives of homeschooling families can be. If your life is anything like mine you spend several hours a day out of the house, usually arriving home just in time to think “What’s for dinner?”

What if I told you that for as little as $8.28 a person (per meal) you could have everything you need to cook 3 healthy meals DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR?

What would you say if I added the fact that each recipe takes 40 minutes or less to prepare?

And that the ingredients and recipe cards are so well-done that your children could easily make a gourmet meal with little help?

Did I mention that everything is DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR??

I’ll let you think about that for a moment. Mind-blowing, I know it.

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Here’s how Hello Fresh works:

1. Sign up for an account and decide whether you want the Classic Box or Vegetarian Box.

(bonus: if you use the discount code U45Y67 during check-out you’ll save $20 on your first order!)

The Classic Box features 3 meals. The meals change every week but usually there are two meals featuring different types of meat and one meal featuring seafood. In the event you don’t like, or can’t eat, one of the meat selections, have no fear! The Classic Box always offers two alternatives, another meat meal or a vegetarian meal. You pick the 3 meals that sound best to you.

The Vegetarian Box has 3 pre-selected meals that are completely vegetarian, many of which also meet vegan requirements (or can be made vegan with very little substitution).

Hello Fresh Coupon

2. Decide if you want the box to contain enough ingredients for 2 people or 4 people.

We found that a 2 person serving size could easily feed 2 adults and 2 children, or 3 adults.

3. Wait patiently for your box to arrive.

Waiting really is the hardest part, isn’t it? All Hello Fresh deliveries are made on Wednesdays, deliveries are suspended on weeks where Wednesday is a major holiday. When you sign up for an account a custom calendar is made for you to show you when your deliveries are. You can pause and activate deliveries as you wish.

You won’t be home on Wednesday to accept the delivery?

That’s ok, don’t worry! You can tell Hello Fresh where to deliver your package. I had them drop it off at my front step during the hot mid-day sun. When we opened the package after a few hours everything was still quite cold. Check out the awesome packaging:

Click photos to zoom in

Hello Fresh Review
Hello Fresh Review

4. Start cooking!

Everything you need for each recipe is included and conveniently organized. There is 1 bag for each recipe that contains all of the fresh ingredients. A 4th bag contains all of the pantry ingredients like canned beans, stock cubes, etc.

Each recipe also comes with a full-color recipe card. The recipe card shows a photo of everything used, as well as a complete nutrition break-down. Step-by-step directions are written and shown in photos! The cards are large and easy-to-read, making them perfect for children to use!

Hello Fresh turns your kitchen into a cooking school!

Hello Fresh ReviewHello Fresh ReviewHello Fresh ReviewHello Fresh ReviewHello Fresh Review

5. EAT!

Look at how beautiful the Stewed Tomatoes & Chickpeas with Creamy Polenta was! It tasted even better, if you can believe that. If we can do this, YOU CAN DO THIS!

By the way, I picked the Vegetarian Box 🙂

Hello Fresh Review

A quick word to those with allergies & food intolerances:

While Hello Fresh takes all possible care, they cannot guarantee there is no cross-contamination. All items are packaged separately but nothing is ever guaranteed, the same as if you were eating in a restaurant or picking fresh fish out at the grocery. I am severely allergic to shellfish so I opted for the Vegetarian Box though I feel comfortable ordering the Classic Box and substituting the shellfish dishes for the alternatives.

**As you would when visiting a new restaurant, ALWAYS KEEP AN EPI-PEN HANDY WHEN EATING UNPROVEN FOOD**

There is not a gluten-free option available, however you can preview the contents of each box before you confirm your delivery. If there is an item containing gluten in the box you can substitute with something from your own pantry or pause delivery for that week.

Two more words:
A $1 processing fee is added to every initial order. I don’t know why this is, Hello Fresh told me that it’s part of the way their computers process payments. This $1 is donated to anti-hunger organizations.

This service is only available to Fed Ex delivery areas in the Eastern & Middle United States. Check out the Hello Fresh website to see if they deliver to your area.

Hello Fresh Coupon

website: http://www.HelloFresh.com
Cost: From $9/meal
Worldview: Vegetarian AND Regular boxes available
SPECIAL: Use code U45Y67 for $20 off your first order!

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