Happy Bunny Game Review

Happy Bunny Educational Preschool Gameschool

Happy Bunny Educational Preschool Game

If you had to ask me what single game would be best for preschoolers, I will almost always answer the same: Happy Bunny by Blue Orange Games. Why? There are no reading or math skills required. The game can be played cooperatively and changed to competitive later on. Happy Bunny is a gentle introduction into the world of board gaming, and it’s super cute and fun too!

Happy Bunny Educational Preschool Game Review

How to play Happy Bunny educational preschool game

How to play Happy Bunny cooperatively
Happy Bunny was designed as a cooperative game, making it appropriate for learners at all levels. To play Happy Bunny as a cooperative game you’ll need every piece of the game.

1. Set up the game board by placing the carrots randomly into the slots on the game board.
2. Place the flat, round bunny token on the start space. Place the farmer and bunny meeples on either side of the board. You can also use the bunny meeple if that makes it easier for the child to move spaces.
3. Players roll the die and move the bunny token to the closest space of that color. Each space has a number on it, players get to pick that many carrots from the farmer’s garden.
4. Sort each carrot as you pull them. Carrots with a bite mark belong to the bunny, place those by the bunny meeple. Carrots without the bite mark belong to the farmer.
5. The game ends when the bunny reaches the end of the board or once all of the carrots have been collected.
6. Compare carrots. Place the meeples side-by-side and line up the carrots that belong to each vertically. The meeple with the longest line of carrots wins!

Happy Bunny Educational Preschool Game Review

How to make Happy Bunny into a competitive game
While Happy Bunny was designed as a cooperative game, it can also be used as a gentle introduction into competitive play. To play competitively the only change you have to make is to put the flat bunny token aside and play as the farmer & bunny.

What is my child learning when we play Happy bunny?

Happy Bunny Educational Preschool Game Review

Counting – Your child will learn counting to 4
Colors – Your child will learn basic colors and color matching
Size comparison – greater/less than, big/bigger/biggest
Fine motor control – finger manipulation, arm control
Cooperation – moving together, communication, one goal

 Happy Bunny Cooperative Kids GameHappy Bunny Cooperative Kids Game

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What do we love about Happy Bunny educational preschool game?

Fair Game Play – There is no advantage to playing as an adult
Adaptation – There are two ways to play this game, the perfect way to introduce good sportsmanship

Is there anything we don’t love about Happy Bunny?

If you misplace a carrot (not that we’ve ever done that, ahem) you cannot at this time order replacement pieces. The game is still playable with a carrot missing but it gives an automatic disadvantage to the other player unless you remove a second carrot.

Adapting Happy Bunny for differing abilities?

None needed


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Happy Bunny Educational Preschool Game Review