Gameschooling for Noobs Virtual Workshop

Gameschooling for Noobs (Gameschooling 101)

Do you want to learn more about Gameschooling?

In the past you’ve had to attend one of my workshops in person, but no more! Bring the Gameschooling for NOOBS Workshop directly into your house!

In this 45 minute virtual workshop, a favorite at conventions, all Gameschooling NOOBS (newbies) will be introduced to the core elements of Gameschooling.

Chapters include:

•Why Gameschooling?
•What is Gameschooling?
•Is Gameschooling Right for Us?
•How Are Games Educational?
•Can I Gameschool for Everything?
•How Often Should We Play Games?
•Is Gameschooling Expensive?
•What Game is Best For?
•How Do I Make Playing Games More Enjoyable?
•Comes with free resources!

Gameschooling for Noobs

Join Meg from the comfort of your living room (and pajamas!) and learn everything you need to know to start Gameschooling today!

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