4 Games to Play After School


Games to Play After School

Four Games to Play After School

It doesn’t matter how your children are educated, after a day of classes and activity they probably need some downtime in the late afternoon. This is a great time to pull out a game! Sure your kid will be learning all sorts of soft skills while they play, but as the purpose is to unwind and transition into the evening, fun games should eclipse overtly-educational games. Those two things may overlap for you or they may not, either way, here are 4 great games to play after school. Be sure to scroll down to see why I picked each of these games.


Kids Against MaturityKids Against MaturityKids Against MaturityUnstable UnicornsUnstable UnicornsUnstable UnicornsBears vs BabiesBears vs BabiesBears vs BabiesFridayFridayFriday


Games to Play After School


Games to Play After SchoolKids Against Maturity
Players: 2-6
Ages: 8+
Why I picked this game: Do you like to play Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity? These games can be fun but not always kid-appropriate, and that’s where Kids Against Maturity comes in! It plays the same as these games but in a way that won’t scar kids for life. 


Games to Play After SchoolUnstable Unicorns
Players: 2-8
Ages: 14+
Why I picked this game: It’s a scientific fact that everyone loves unicorns. They’re cute, they’re magical, and they’re totally ruthless. Wait, what? That’s right, these unicorns have magical powers that range from sweet to salty and they’re all part of your army. Play the cards strategically to beat the other players, destroying friendships (but in a good way) along the way.


Games to Play After SchoolBears vs Babies
Players: 2-5
Ages: 10+
Why I picked this game: It’s funny! Yup, I picked this game for this list because it is a serious stress eater. Players compete to build the biggest, funniest animal possible – but watch out because some of them are wearing bikinis and have crab claws for arms.


Games to Play After SchoolFriday
Ages: 13+
Why I picked this game: You play as Friday, a person living on a deserted island and quite happy about it. One day this dude named Robinson washes ashore and you aren’t very happy about that. Friday has no choice but to help Robinson get off of his island! The best part about this game is that it’s one player.


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Games to Play After School