FREE Printable Homeschool Science Lab Notebook

Free Printable Homeschool Science Lab Notebook


FREE Printable Homeschool Science Lab Notebook

Years ago the kids and I used a fantastic lab notebook, it was perfect for my kids! It had a space to record materials, notes, and to draw and write about observations. It wasn’t religious and it fit in with ANY science curriculum or experiment program. Unfortunately the lab notebook is no longer available for purchase in digital or print form insert sad face

Free Printable Homeschool Science Lab Notebook

I looked around online for something similar, and while I found some things that were close none were quite right. Some were religious, some didn’t have the draw observations box, some had too many cutesy pictures, none of them had instructions…

I was disappointed so I decided to get on the computer and make my own! Now, my design skills are not good, and my knowledge of word processing software is pathetic. I ended up with a design that works for us, and it might just work for you.

Our lab book is a FREE 55 page digital download.

The lab book is in PDF form and here is what it includes:

-Cover page
-Identification page
-Why you should keep a lab notebook
-How to keep your lab notebook
-Fill-in table of contents
-Simple lab notebook pages without any added distractions (no quotes or pictures, just the basics!)

This lab book will work with ANY curriculum, you can even use it to track the experiments you do without a curriculum.

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Free Printable Homeschool Science Lab Notebook

Meg Grooms is a long-time homeschooling mother of 6 children, ranging in age from preschool to married with kids of their own. Always a vagabond at heart, Meg and her family have embraced a slow travel lifestyle and currently call Southern California home. Your guess is as good as hers as to where they’ll end up next.

Meg blogs about secular homeschooling and gameschooling at Homeschool Gameschool.

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