Printable Paleontology Game

Battle the elements.
Save the dig.

Join a group of paleontologists as they race to the fossil bed to secure their dig site. 

BUT WAIT! Along the way, you’ll encounter 4 elements that can stop you in your tracks!

Wind damage will cover your site with dust and dirt. Again.

Storms will ruin the casts you put on the fossils!

The money will run out if you don’t secure funding from the university.

Watch the clock! If your dig takes too long you’ll have to close and wait for next year.


Fossil Frenzy is primarily a strategy game, but that isn’t all!

Strategy: This game is more complicated than it seems. I played as the elements 5 times, winning just once. Or maybe I’m just not as smart as my 6 year old, either could be true.

STEM: The very basics of coding are involved here. Players attempt to guide the paleontologists around the bugs. It’s the same basis as several popular coding board games.

Science & Language Arts: Learn about paleontology with the included vocabulary words.

Ages: 6 – adult
Players: 2
Play Time: 10 minutes
Prints beautifully in color and black & white


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to lose (except your dig site!)

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