Free Online Math Help

Free Online Math Help


Free Online Math Help

Math isn’t my jam. I’m so not qualified to teach my kids math, so I don’t, I outsource. No matter how great their math curriculum is, they still come to me for help on occasion. Ten years ago that was a problem and I usually responded with “Uh, let me call someone for help” but that isn’t the case anymore! The internet is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to finding free online math help!

This post was originally published in 2016 and was updated in October, 2018.

Free Online Math Help

Here are some of the websites and resources we use when we get stuck on a math problem:


Wolfram Alpha – There is nothing this website won’t do. Well, I’m sure there is something but it’s not math. Simply plug in the math problem and the answer with step-by-step directions pops up. Wolfram Alpha allows you to ask a certain number of questions a month (not just math questions!) but student and educator paid plans start at under $5/month.


MathPapa – My daughter is taking algebra this year and she told me about MathPapa! It’s a FREE algebra calculator that is really helping her figure out the things she needs help with most.


Mathway is a really fantastic tool for students who need some math help. Enter the problem and watch as the solution appears before your eyes, with instructions. Very, very helpful for parents like me! Mathway covers everything your student will need!


Khan Academy is great for students who learn by seeing. Khan Academy is a series of videos on pretty much every topic ever, you’ll see the presenter solving and explaining math problems like they were in the room with you.


S.O.S. Math is like having a math text in your computer! Pick a math subject and topic and see easy-to-understand explanations.


School Yourself is a service of a group of Harvard professors who decided to bring math to everyone through free lessons and videos.


Tutor Chat Live is a free and donation-based online tutoring service for any student who needs help. As of 10/17/2018 Tutor Chat Live is down for “reorganization”. I am leaving this link up in the hopes that it is back online soon!


MathPlanet – MathPlanet offers totally free high school math curriculum. This is a great place to find extra help and explanation for individual topics, or to take an entire class.


WebMath – WebMath is another FREE website where you enter a problem and the website walks you through the answer. It’s not as versatile as some of the other options, but it may be just what you need.


I know math can be scary but with today’s resources there’s no need to worry! Have you tried these websites? Do you have another to suggest? Leave a comment below or join in the conversation on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group.


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