Free Online Art Lessons for Homeschoolers

Art instruction. It’s one of those things I always feel like I should be doing more of, but something I am absolutely unqualified to teach. Do you find yourself in the same predicament?

I’ve put together this list of free art lessons my family has been using for a while. Art comes in many forms so by no means is this a complete list but it will give you a good place to start!

Free online art lessons for homeschool

Free Online Art Lessons for Homeschoolers

Mr. P Art Studios – Mr. P is my favorite channel on YouTube! Mr. P is a middle school art teacher and he makes awesome art tutorial videos after school. Because he’s a teacher his videos use inexpensive supplies and he teaches in an engaging, funny manner. Mr. P even teaches kids how to care for their supplies. Really great stuff here. This resource is especially great for middle and high schoolers![youtube]

Art Hub for Kids is a fantastic YouTube channel that I find charming and amusing. Geared especially for elementary-aged children, Art Hub features free art and craft lessons based on the season and uses inexpensive supplies you probably already have on hand.[youtube]

Sakura Color Products is a company known for their great art products, but they also have a fantastic YouTube channel. While there are some video tutorials for younger kids, their channel is perfect for high school students and adults to learn new art skills! There is so much here, from ZenTangles to paper art to calligraphy…[youtube]

Carla Sonheim’s YouTube Channel features many free tutorials, you just have to wade through the shorter advertisement videos to get to them. These lessons seem to be geared toward elementary and middle school students but it’s unique because here you’ll also find interviews with artists, and that’s pretty neat.[youtube]

[youtube]Free online art lessons for homeschool