FREE Homeschool Curriculum for Kindergarten

When we started homeschooling the internet wasn’t really much of “a thing” and the few homeschooling websites that existed were very, very exclusive. We depended on the library we for a lot, & if we wanted to buy something we had to call the company for a catalog or hit up the Christian book store. One of the most helpful websites for new (and secular) homeschoolers, however, was Worldbook Encyclopedia, specifically their Typical Course of Study page. The page doesn’t give much insight into HOW to homeschool but it’s a fantastic resource for parents who are looking for a list of what subjects to teach when.

free homeschool curriculum kindergarten

When coupled with today’s amazing amount of free curriculum, there is no need for a parent to worry about how they will afford homeschooling materials.

I used to tell people that all they needed to homeschool was a library card and an open mind, but now I say all they need is an internet connection & an open mind!

Frugal note: I don’t print out all of the worksheets and resources we use, I actually print very little. I prefer to have the child sit at the desk and write their work out in a notebook as often as possible. When we do print I almost always use scrap paper that has something else printed or drawn on the other side. I’m cheap, ok! There, I said it!

What follows is the first in a series dedicated to giving you the information you need to homeschool your child FOR FREE (or close to it!) Please keep in mind that we have a lot of flexibility when we homeschool, it’s totally ok to switch topics around, to fit between grades, to go with the child’s interests, to slow down or speed up….this series isn’t me telling you what to teach, it’s just me listing out some resources to help along the way, using the Worldbook Typical Course of Study as a base.

Tip: These resources are just the beginning! Be sure to add in a lot of quality literature and hands-on activities!


Free ebooks: Overdrive, Hoopla Digital
Free streaming media: YouTube, Hoopla Digital
Free all-in-one online curriculum: Discovery K12

Kindergarten Math

Free printable math worksheets
Math Blaster Kindergarten
Online Math Games

Kindergarten Reading

Teach Your Monster to Read
Rhyming Games
Online Read Along Books
Phonics Worksheets

Kindergarten Writing

Printable Lined Paper
Handwriting worksheets
Writing Ideas & Lesson Plans

Kindergarten Science

Science Worksheets
Wild Kratts
Science Buddies
Biology for Kindergarten
Life Cycles

Kindergarten Social Studies

Ben’s Guide to US Government
A Day in the Life Around the World Series
Map Skills for Children
Printable Maps
Community Helpers
Career Exploration

Kindergarten Health

Kids Health
Health Games for Kids
Human Anatomy
Memorize your Phone Number
Telephone Practice
Fire Safety for Kids
Dental Hygiene for Kids
The Safe Side
Yoga for Kids

Kindergarten Art & Music

Little Einsteins
Musical Instruments
Exploring the Great Artists
Easy to Make Musical Instruments
Famous Works of Art Coloring Pages
Nursery School Songs
Faerie Tale Theater
Virtual Museum Tours
Art Journals for Kids

Kindergarten Technology

Kodu Game Lab
The Ultimate STEM Guide
Computer Skills for Kids
Wild About Internet Safety

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