Farm to Market Gameschooling Review

Farm to Market Game Review

Farm to Market Game Review

Farm to Market Game is a brilliant little gem, and likely it’s not one you’ve heard of. It’s important that we humans know where our food comes from, and what challenges has to be overcome to get the food to the table. Farm to Market does exactly that. 

Age: 6+

Reading: Yes

Players: 2-4

Play time: 20-30 minutes

Type of Game: Spin & Move

Difficulty: Easy

Meg’s rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Kid’s rating: 

How to Play Farm to Market (the basics)

Farm to Market Game Review
The game comes with a sturdy box, a quality board, farm cards & help cards, 4 tokens, a spinner, and the pieces to make the fields become fallow.
Farm to Market Game Review
The spinner is detached, made with reinforced cardboard and a plastic spinner. The colors are vivid & easy-to-read. This game is appropriate for colorblind players.
Farm to Market Game Review
The game box looks faded out here, but what you'll find is a charmingly-illustrated box with the standard information on it. The box is of very good quality.

Playing the role of farmer, you’ll work your way through the plowing, planting, & harvesting seasons, with the goal of selling your crop at market. As the seasons progress, you’ll have to negotiate insect infestation, broken legs, and more of the challenges farmers face every day. 

Ease: Farm to Market is an easy-to-learn game, taking just minutes to learn. The directions are unfamiliarly word, but like I said, you’ll get it within minutes.

Start: Players begin by placing their token choice on the start space.

Spin: Spin the spinner in turn. The spinner will land on one of three spaces, complete the appropriate action.

Number: move that amount of spaces

Farm: Pick a farm card. Farm cards will present the farmer with either a positive or negative event. One could ruin a field, another could double the harvest.

Help: Pick a help card. The help card is a request from a neighbor, you can choose whether to help him or not. Regardless of which answer is picked, all players will face the same consequences.&

Gameschooling with Farm to Market Game

Agriculture / Economics
According to the World Wildlife Federation, agriculture is the #1 industry worldwide, but it isn’t an industry for the faint of heart by any means. Farmers fight everyday to ensure that our food supply (& exports) doesn’t dwindle. You child will recreate some of the disasters & wins of the agricultural community, from locust swarms, to fallow fields to an over-productive harvest. Your crop needs to make it to keep the economy flowing.

Gameschool Agriculture: Farm To Market Game Review at Gameschool Academy

Game Mechanics / Slight Competition / Empathy

Farm to Market Game also serves as an introduction to more complicated game mechanics. Your child will be practicing navigating a somewhat tricky board (the corner spaces don’t look like spaces), flipping over the appropriate cards, and deciding if players should move backward or forward.

This game is primarily competitive, but it’s very gentle and can open conversations about helping one another.

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