Easy Worm Farm Tutorial

easy worm farm tutorial


Last week I packed up the younger four kids and headed out to the worm farm.

Yes, you heard me right. A. Worm. Farm.

I don’t do well with small, wiggly, slimey things but I was a trooper. I deserved a sticker or something.


Worms are actually quite fascinating and we learned a lot, like how worms eat and reproduce and how if you cut a worm in half it actually might not turn into two worms (but also, it might!)

I’m doing you a solid by not directing you to YouTube here (trust me), instead, go visit this website to learn more than you want to know about worms.

Now, are you and the kids ready to make a miniature worm farm? Great!

You’ll need the following supplies, if you have a local worm farm you can buy them there. If you don’t have a local worm farm (I cannot believe I just typed that!) you can order supplies on Amazon but they’re sold in large quantities so get a group of friends together and share the fun.

-clean plastic water bottle with 8 holes poked down one side (mark this side so you know it’s always facing up!)

-5-10 red worms per bottle

worm grit

-Shredded newspaper, moistened but not wet

-A piece of paper and tape/staples

-food scraps

OPTIONAL: few tablespoons of red worm castings

Fill the bottle about halfway with shredded newspaper, add a fingerful of grit, and castings (optional). Add 5-10 worms to the bottle. Cap the bottle. Bend the paper into a tube and tape or staple, then slide the bottle into the paper sleeve, keeping the holes on top.

Once a week add a fingerful of grit and some food scraps. To make food scraps save some leftover bits and pieces of fruit, vegetables, paper, dryer lint, bread…anything will work except meat, dairy, and bones. Grind them up in a food processor with a little water and feed to the worms. Feed the worms once a week, always making sure there is at least a little food leftover in the tube each week.

When you’re ready for the next step check out this video. This is exactly what we did about 5.765 minutes after we brought our worm farms home.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJoOaJX6pLI&w=560&h=315]

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