Dear High School Graduate

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Dear High School Graduate

Dear High School Graduate,

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard for so long and now you’re done! Well, done with high school anyhow! What an exciting time in your life. It’s a little scary too, isn’t it? All these years we’ve been telling you what to do and now bam! Time to make your own decisions, and they’re BIG decisions.

Here’s a little advice that I gave my own homeschool graduates that I’d like to pass along. You don’t have to take this advice but know that it comes from my heart and experience as both a former new adult and the parent of new adults.

1. Learn how to cook
Being an adult is expensive but you can cut a big chunk of expense by cooking. You don’t have to cook fancy meals or have access to an oven, you can make some pretty great salads and microwave meals. Your budget and your waistline will thank you.

2. Start to exercise (or keep it up if you already do!)
You’re just going to have to trust me on this one. Look, I know sweating is the pits (ha ha, pits) but believe me, starting an exercise regimen at 38 is a whole different ballgame than starting one at 18. Start when you’re young and still flexible and you’ll be so much better off.

3. Good sleeping habits aren’t just for kids
You can get away with a lot when you’re young, including going long stretches without sleeping. I remember a time when my day didn’t start until 10pm, and then I had kids. Keeping good sleeping habits is about more than sleeping, however, it’s about respect for your body and learning how to keep good habits. Enjoy the night life while you can but not at the expense of your body, friendships, or job.

4. Saying no is a sign of a strong person
No one on earth, except maybe your family, has your best interest at heart. Your co-workers, your professors, your friends…they may be great people but only you can really lookout for you. A lot of things are going to be thrown at you very quickly and learning how to say no is learning how to be an adult. Listen to your gut, if it’s telling you to say no, trust it. It’s ok to make mistakes, it’s part of growing up, but you can avoid a lot of the major, life-changing mistakes by listening to the little voice inside.

5. Don’t stop learning
High school may be over but that doesn’t mean you stop evolving. The great part is that even if college isn’t in the cards for you right now you don’t have to stop furthering your education. Take an online open university class. Read more books. Challenge yourself. Learn a new work skill. Figure out what you’re passionate about and find a way to take it further.

6. Remember that everything changes
Your career choices will change. Your relationships will change. Everything that you think you want now, it’ll change. Embrace the change and fight like hell for what you love.

Good luck graduate! You’re changing the world one day at a time, never forget that!

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