Creative Ways to Practice Handwriting

I’m no stranger to raising a reluctant writer, I’ve written about it before. So, what do you do? Our children have to be able to write, right?

Right. Helping the reluctant writer takes a lot of time and patience, but also creativity.

I don’t like the word sneaky as it implies you’re doing something wrong, therefore, I am sharing some of our tried & true tricks for creatively encouraging handwriting practice!


1) Forms! Filling out forms is an excellent method of handwriting pratice, and it’s a life skill. This tip is especially helpful for children who are living with dysgraphia.

Check out these links to forms designed just for children:

Teaching Children How to Fill Out Forms

2) Letters! Letters to grandma or a penpal are great ways to practice handwriting. If your child isn’t ready for a letter you can start with a postcard exchange. Another idea is to create mailboxes for you and your child and to slip notes back and forth every day.

Here are some great sites to check out to find a penpal or postcard pal:

3) Family Reporter Give your child a fancy pen, a small notebook, and a sleuth badge. Ask them to collect “the dirt” on the family history. Warning: I am not responsible for any dirt they dig up 😉

4) Write with ink, real ink! you can purchase an awesome quill and ink set but you don’t have to go that far. Allow your child to write with markers, calligraphy pens, paint & paintbrush, or another unusual object. If you have sliding glass doors or large windows you can use dry-erase markers on them, my kids LOVE writing on the windows!

4) MadLibs Do you remember running to the school store with a dollar to buy a book of MadLibs? It was the highlight of my Fridays during elementary school. I still love MadLibs 🙂 You can buy them inexpensively (thought not for $1!) or print out your own!

5) Lists! My son loves making our shopping lists, so the next time your child tells you how hungry they are (because we all know no one feeds them at home! Just me?) have them write a list of their favorite snacks.

I hope these ideas are helpful! If you have a great and creative way to practice handwriting please share in the comments or on our Facebook page!

DISCLAIMER: HSGS and the author are providing links for your perusal only, no group or organization is recommended by this site or the author. Please monitor all of your child’s online and letter-writing activity.

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