Crazy Aaron’s Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Review

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Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Review

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary product in exchange for a fair & honest review. A positive review was not guaranteed.


Raise your hand if you have a kid who has to fidget in order to really learn something.
Raising both of my hands as high as they’ll go!


My sons have busy brains and in order to really facilitate their learning I have to give them something to do with their hands. Legos and crayons are neat but get old. When I was given the opportunity by Timberdoodle to review the Mixed by Me kit the boys and I were both stoked!


I had never heard of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty before but it seemed like something we’d really love. We weren’t disappointed. The boys begged to play with it the second it arrived but much to their dismay they had to wait a few days to get their hands on it. Being totally honest, I’m writing this review a full two weeks before I said it would be done because the kids just didn’t want to wait even a second longer. When I finally let them look at it they ripped it out of the packing so fast I didn’t get a chance to grab a before photo, so I snagged this one from the Timberdoodle website.

    Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty ReviewThe Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit comes with the following items:


  • 5 small tins with clear putty, with black & white labels to customize
  • 3 primary color concentrated putties
  • 3 special effects putty (shimmer, sparkle, glow in the dark)
  • 1 rectangular kit that holds everything
  • 6 colored pencils to decorate your tin
  • 5 extra tin labels, so you can customize the tins a second time
  • 1 instructional mat with suggestions straight from Crazy Aaron


Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Review


TIP: The small tins open by twisting. DO NOT PRY THEM OPEN WITH A KNIFE. Let’s not talk about it, just trust me. Ok??


Grab the clear putty out of the tin and slowly work in some of the primary colors and special effect putties.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Review


Now, I’ve never actually pulled taffy but we used to vacation at Ocean City, MD and I spent many a childhood summer watching the famous taffy pullers on the boardwalk. Mixing the putty is very similar to pulling taffy; mix some putties, pull them into a long strong, join the edges and pull again.

After a few pulls you end up with a wonderful amalgamation of colors.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Review


Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is totally odorless, non-toxic, made in the U.S.A., and it’ll NEVER DRY OUT! The tins are suggested for storage so the putty doesn’t pick up any dirt, dust, dryer lint, dust bunnies, or small children (just kidding.)

So what exactly do you do with Thinking Putty?


Well, you play with it! Here are some great ideas:


-Use it to work a dysgraphic child’s hand muscles

-Use it to keep fidgety hands busy

-Help your young child learn their letters and numbers by using the putty to form words

-Check out the science behind Thinking Putty

-Get inspired to make really cool things with your Thinking Putty

What do the kids think?

13 year old: This is a classic example of a polymer, it also happens to be really fun to play with. The colors are very cool and I love that I can make the putty look like space.

11 year old: I really like being able to mix my own colors. I wish you’d let me play with it all the time.

9 year old: I think Thinking Putty is a lot of fun and I will use this a lot! Can I give the extra tub to Xander? I think he would really like this. I bet they won’t let him take it to school though. Mom, do you think they’d frown upon taking Thinking Putty to school? I bet they would, it seems like something this cool could cause a lot of arguments.  (This kid!)

The husband: Can I take this to work? This is really cool! I need to buy this stuff for my team, maybe then they’d listen to me. I’m kidding, don’t write that. Seriously, I’m kidding team. Meg, delete that!  (Ok, he really didn’t say that. Everything after “Can I take this to work? This is really cool!” was totally a figment of my imagination. I think maybe my 9 year old takes after me a little bit.)

Where can you get the Mixed By My Thinking Putty kit?

The Mixed By Me Thinking Putty kit is available at Timberdoodle, sold as part of the curriculum kits and by itself.


My final verdict:

Thinking Putty certainly is a lot of fun and I can definitely see how this will help my adhd kids focus and will help the dysgraphic kids with muscle control. The Mixed By Me Thinking Putty kit is an extra fun way to accomplish those same things. And, if you’re wondering, no Xander cannot have the extra tin because I’m keeping it for myself.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Review
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