Cranium Brain Breaks Puts the FUN in Brain Function!


Cranium Brain Breaks Game Review - Gameschooling @ HomeschoolGameschool.comThere are days in which we need a quick break but we don’t have the time to sit down and play a full board game. I’m a big fan of the Cranium games, I love how they force us to think outside-the-box and explore our creativity, and I was tickled pink to get my hands on Cranium Brain Breaks!

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Update 2018: This game appears to no longer be in print but you can still find new & used copies at Amazon.

What you notice first about Brain Breaks is the fun storage container, I love a game with durable, integrated storage! Of course the first thing my kids did was take the top off and wear it as a hat…

cranium brain breaks review

Brain Breaks features 200 mini-games, each taking about a minute. The object is to collect as many cards as you can. Cards feature all sorts of challenges appropriate for kids and adults.

cranium brain breaks review

Brain Breaks features the hallmarks of the traditional Cranium game; an egg timer & purple sculpting dough. Game cards, 6 letter dice, a number die, and instructions are also included.

Cranium Brain Breaks Review

Game play is simple: pick a card & complete the challenge. You can play individually but teamwork is encouraged.

Brain Breaks may very well be the perfect game for our family! It doesn’t take several hours, it accommodates all learning styles, it encourages creativity, and you can play with a large number of people!


Fast Facts about Cranium Brain Breaks

Price: $$ ($10-15)
Number of players: 2+
Recommended ages: 5+
Reading level required: Moderate reading skills recommended, can modify for non-readers
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One thought on “Cranium Brain Breaks Puts the FUN in Brain Function!

  • grtlyblesd

    Neat! We’ve reviewed a couple of cerebral games lately, and I find my kids pick them up and play with them on their own. Always makes me smile to think, “Hey, they haven’t done their chores yet, but they’re getting smarter RIGHT THIS MINUTE!” LOL