Crab Stack Strategy Game by Blue Orange

Crab Stack Game Review by Blue Orange Games

Anyone who has followed this blog for more than a minute knows one thing…I LOVE Blue Orange Games!! I love the quality of their games, the portability, the sustainability…all of it! You can read my reviews of Attila and Niya to see what I’m talking about.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this game at no cost to facilitate my review. As always, I am honest in my review.

For information about Crab Stack from Blue Orange, and to see a how to play video, click here!

Just like everything Blue Orange does, Crab Stack is a fantastic, colorful game of strategy. Crab Stack is one of their more challenging games, recommended for ages 8+. Crab Stack was a little difficult for me to catch the hang of so I highly recommend watching the tutorial here before you start.

Crab Stack is played with 2-4 players, the number players you have dictates how much of the gameboard you use (refer to the directions of tutorial video.)

Crab Stack Strategy Game by Blue Orange Games

The object is to cover all of your opponent’s crabs with your crabs. Crabs come in three different sizes and that dictates how many spaces they move. There’s a trick to it though, crabs come in different sizes and that controls how they move! It’s a little tough to remember, basically, all you have to remember is move the number of stars and don’t land on a crab bigger than you.

Large crabs have 1 star and move 1 space. Large crabs can land on top of any other crab, regardless of size.

Medium crabs have 2 stars and move 2 spaces. Medium crabs can land on medium or small crabs.

Small crabs have 3 stars and move 3 spaces. Small crabs can only land on other small crabs.

Crab Stack Strategy Game by Blue Orange Games

TRICK MOVE: Crabs cannot land on empty space, only on other crabs. The one wave move happens whenever a group of crabs is isolated from the others! You can see what we mean in the tutorial video above or in the video below. Basically, if there is empty space dividing groups of crabs, the smaller group is washed away and out of game play.
Crab Stack Strategy Game by Blue Orange Games

The game takes 5-10 minutes to play, up to 20 if you have 4 players. It’s a colorful, whimsical game that you’ll return to again and again!

Quick Facts:
Crab Stack, Blue Orange Games
Ages: 8+
Reading Level: not required
Parental Involvement: not required
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Check out this fun video of me and Mister Man playing a round. (and yes, the crab pieces are highly chokable. You’ll see that my toddler is stacking pieces in the video. Be smart and keep them out of the hands of your little ones…but if they insist on playing keep a keen eye on them! Safety first!)



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